Beginner’s Guide to the Chicony Shopping Mall 汉口伢也要过江来逛!群光广场实地打卡8小时,奉上今年份最新攻略!

在街道口不知道吃什么? Don't know what to eat at Jiedaokou?



Chicony Plaza has been in the life of Wuhan people for 15 years and has become an iconic building. It not only hosts dozens of famous retail brands, but it also has a refined lifestyle. There is Guoguang in Hankou, and there is Chiccony in Wuchang. As to the strength, Wuchang has never lost.


However, with the rise of major business districts, even when the old Wuchang people eat and drink every weekend, the presence of Chicony has been automatically blocked in their minds. Is it really that difficult to get around the city? Not!At!All!



A second Chicony building is on the way (it too will soon be “ignored”) and will open very soon! (doors will open on September 30th). But so many people haven’t even visited the first building! As a Wuchang person, I can’t stand it! !

Below we offer a one-stop Chicony food + shopping guide.
Let’s Go!




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Near Jiedaokou & don’t know what to eat?

This article is here to save you !

The food is basically on the B1, 7th and 8th floors. There are time2tea that is worthy of your pick this Summer, half-cooked cheese of the bear that burns the Monster City, Yunnan Cuisine Wuchang people can eat without crossing the river, and the first Lime Memory in Wuhan.

There are also N kinds of foods waiting for you to discover, so much so that you’ll be rubbing your hands in excitement!


楼层:B1F  人均:39元
Floor: B1F budget per person: 39 yuan

IT’S the most eye-catching spot in Wuhan this Summer and a fashionable icon for which the staff in Chicony are coming to punch the fashion icon as soon as the lunch break!

The super-popular Xue Mei Niang, with the taste of salty sweetness in the ice-cold dry meat floss taste. It is particularly stunning.
There is also a newly listed rock jar flavor that will refresh your imagination of tea! There are three flavors of jasmine, snow and jasmine green, and an original leaf ice red for you to choose. You can shake it 7 times before drinking, and it’s sure to cool you down~

Yi Fang

楼层:B1F  人均:18元
Floor: B1F budget per person: 18 yuan


The “Mud Flow” in the milk tea industry, now with super cute Chi-bi Maruko packaging and the girls cannot hold it!

Black sugar powder round milk is a must buy! The warm brown sugar bottom, the cold milk are divided into two distinct layers…you can’t stop it at 1 drink! The mellow brown sugar and smooth fresh milk immediately fill the entire mouth, sweet and fragrant.


楼层:B1F  人均:31元
Floor: B1F  budget per person: 31 yuan

The new store opened recently and has been a hit on WeChat moments since then. The world-class bread masters from three countries were invited to the store, inheriting 200 years of natural yeast of Italy, so that you can enjoy the high-level baking skills of five-star hotels at cheap prices!

This sacred wood is a typical whole wheat European packaging. The dough is made from whole wheat flour and old yeast. It also contains a large amount of American walnut, pickled cranberry and orange peel. When you are eating it, you will feel full wheat fragrance.

Crisp Queen

楼层:B1F  人均:25元
Floor: B1F    budget per person: 25 yuan

This egg tart of the store is the editor’s favorite. There are only three stores in Wuhan. Every time you go to the Chicony, you have to bring a few back.

The freshly baked egg tart is full of milk fragrance and the skin is super crispy. The one of original taste is soft and sweet, the one of durian taste is rich and full, and one bite will make you fell refreshing~ I can’t wait to stuff it into my mouth!

Yuan Qi Sushi

楼层:B1F  人均:104元
Floor: B1F    budget per person: 104 yuan

It is considered to be an old sushi restaurant in Wuhan. This store in Chicony has also been open for several years. Most of them are parents who take the children to eat, and it’s recommended for parents to take their kids there.

The relative self-service form and the cute cartoon logo are very popular among children. The staple food is relatively small, and the Japanese-style fried udon tastes okay and the speed of food service is relatively slow.

Sweetness Knowing You

楼层:B1F  人均:19元
Floor: B1F    budget per person: 19 yuan

Do you think I don’t know it if its name is changed? It is the original West Tree Puff! After the name change, the decoration has become brighter and the staff are very friendly~

The salt puff’s skin is very crisp, almost without salty taste, without sweet and salty impact. The amount of cream is too real, and you will feel really greasy when you finish eating.

The vanilla milk stick is a small one, the cream is freshly squeezed, it’s very fresh and tastes good. It is very convenient to use the bag to hold & eat while you shop.

Uji Tea Shop

楼层:B1F  人均:22元
Floor: B1F  budget per person: 22 yuan

The Uji Tea Shop in Chicony is smaller than other stores around Wuhan and the decorations are also much simpler, with two tables for resting customers.

The signboard product milk cover imperial matcha has a rich and dense milk cap. The slight sweetness and the matcha neutralize and there is some taste after drinking! There is also the I   U shape of the matcha powder on the milk cap. On the occasion of Chinese Valentine’s Day, as a bachelor, I’m feeling a bit sweet!

Milky Bear Bakery

楼层:B1F  人均:49元
Floor: B1F   budget per person: 49 yuan

The new store opened in January this year is located at the entrance of Chicony Supermarket, the other one can be found at K11. Cheese fans please don’t hesitate to visit!

The packaging is really cute! The one original price is 49 yuan for six (a little expensive). There are chocolate and other flavors to choose from, priced at 69 yuan for six.

The original semi-ripe cheese has a rich cheese flavor, and the taste is soft and moist. The little one will not be greasy after eating. Personally, it feels better than the online sensation cheese of Holiland.


楼层:B1F  人均:35元
Floor: B1F   budget per person: 35 yuan

As long as there is bread baked, I will be attracted in. The whole store is full of natural wheat flavor, which is really tempting!


The signboard Sunshine Whole Wheat is a small sun that can be eaten into the stomach. The shape is lovely and the taste is rich. Mixed with walnuts and dried fruits, the taste is sweet and crisp, the taste of the bread is relatively solid, and there is a feeling of eating a multi-grain, which is very full.

Pizza Smith

楼层:B1F  人均:72元
Floor: B1F  budget per person: 72 yuan

It can be described as the old brand online sensation in Chicony, and it captures the stomach of Wuhan people with a durian pizza! The product is stable, the durian taste is rich, and you can see the big durian meats!

Salad John 沙拉匠

楼层:B1F  人均:45元
Floor: B1F  budget per person: 45 yuan

It is very interesting to replace the ordinary order form with a chip. Choose the chip of side dish that you want to eat to settle at the cashier desk.

In addition to helping you to match, you will also get a nutrition decoding list, with the calories of your meal and the proportion of energy elements. For the fat-burning fitness bunnies, it’s very convenient!
There are also a lot of side dishes, which can be freely matched. In addition to the basic sauces, there is also a combination of fruit yoghurt.


楼层:7F  人均:51元
Floor: 7F   budget per person: 51 yuan

Some say that Coco has the most delicious omelet rice in Wuhan…

A large plate of omelet rice is served on the table. The soft egg skin sways in the soup. Effortlessly with a spoon, and pour a spoonful of soup on the egg and rice granules. It’s really tempting!

There are so many delicious foods in the Chicony! Forgive myself, as an editor, I cannot eat them all, so I slipped away.



Champion也是开业在即!护肤品类更是能和武广PK,海蓝之谜、SK-II 、whoo后这里都有,雪花秀的改造也进入最后阶段!

“The street is too difficult to stroll!”

Because you haven’t been to “Chicony 2.0”!

Champion is also opening soon! Skincare products can be compared with Wuguang. Sea Blue Mystery, SK-II, and whoo can be found here. The transformation of Sulwhasoo is also in the final stage!

Come on, sisters!

Chicony Supermarket

Floor: B1F

The supermarket on the basement floor has also been upgraded! When your sister-in-law is in town she can go shopping for a day. The environment is brighter and more refined, and the goods are also increased. Go home and tell your mom.

Rolex 劳力士 

Floor: 1F

The watch industry boss was just opened on August 1, and I was only a short distance of money from a Rolex!


Floor: 1F

The newly upgraded COACH has been completely renewed, and the store color is much textured and feels more advanced!


Floor: F1

Exquisite girls look over ~ Skincare product giant SK-II can be found here naturally!

Giorgio Armani 阿玛尼

Floor: 1F

The hottest lipsticks are here. The color number is complete! (I didn’t have to worry about what to send to my girlfriend on Chinese Valentine’s Day~)


Floor: 5F

BOY LONDON 的诞生无疑为英国时尚界划上了跨时代的一笔,鼓舞着青年们大胆扔掉绅士的服装,做个高街的雅痞!
The birth of BOY LONDON has undoubtedly made a cross-era stroke for the British fashion industry, inspiring young people to boldly throw away the gentleman’s clothing and become a high street yuppie!


Floor: 1F

The jewellery category is also very complete! Keer, Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Swarovski… are all here!

In addition to shopping and eating, it is also a sacred place for taking kids out! Bringing the child inside for a day is not a problem!


There are so many new stores waiting for you to punch!

Lao Wang Hotpot

Floor: 8F

The second store of popular Lao Wang will be finally opened! You can check it out on October 1~

The featured health soup pot, milky white soup, the materials are very full, especially fresh, and it feels authentic when you drink it into your mouth. It is really genuine, and you can see it is made attentively.

Yunan Cuisine 云海肴  

Floor: 7F

When the Guoguang store opened its business, the Yunan cuisine is popular. Naturally, it will not show cold shoulder to Wuchang foodies! You need not to cross river to taste Yunan Cuisine~

Lime Memory 青柠记忆

Floor: 8F

The first store in Wuhan! Opened on the 17th! The lime memory is already arranged. Will the trip to Thailand on the tongue be far?

There is an exclusive taste of Thai, with super beautiful exotic decoration.


Floor: 1F

Cartier next door is also in the enclosure, and will be able to meet you at the end of September!

You can get the bracelet of Luhan endorsement soon! The presence of Cartier once again proves the consumption level of Wuchang and brings a brand new shopping experience~


Floor: 1F

I think a few days ago, everyone may see the spectacular queue when Guoguang Store opened in Circles of Friends! the 2nd Chicony Store well be opened on September 22!
I suggest you come early!

Zhong Book Corner 钟书阁

Chicony 2.0

In addition to Starbucks “Twin” shop, Cotton Era, MUJI and other stores, the most beautiful bookstore in Central China, Zhong Book Corner, will soon be settled in Chicony II!




After the upgrade, the Chicony Ⅰ will be really too easy to stroll in!

The opening of the second hall is around the corner.

This is definitely the next holy land of online sensation punching place!