106 Year Old Titanic Artifacts on display in Wuhan

Hangu Art Gallery's iconic exhibition with genuine remains recovered from the 1912 tragic sinking of the Titanic

Remains salvaged from the 1912 tragedy

If you were captivated by Celine Dion´s “My heart will gone on” from the Titanic movie (1997), an iconic film and love story, & like myself, have a great scenarios, the magnificent artifacts around them and all the pretentious story behind, then you will love this exhibition.

Titanic, was a ship built with 2000 steel plates measuring three meters long x two meters wide, with a thickness of between 2.5-3.8 cms. At the time, Titanic was supposed to be the safest vessel ever built , with a capacity of 2223 passengers. Nobody would have imagined it would fail to resist damage or fall victim to the elements (or an iceberg). On the night of April 14th, 1912 – after only four days of sailing, Titanic struck an iceberg. 4 hours later the Titanic was no more.

Hangu Gallery Titanic Exhibition Press Conference

As the most luxurious ship of the 20th century, Titanic was a miracle of technology. At that time, people from all walks of life were eager to board it. Its colossal nature, it’s tragic sinking, and how more than 1,500 people lost their lives made the ship’s sinking headline news and a story which might never be forgotten by the world.

In 1985, Titanic wreck was successfully located and salvaged. It took 30 years to get 5,500 pieces of precious relics and shipwrecks by 8 salvages and countless missions 3800 meters deep.

A Titanic Artifact Exhibition, undertaken by Hangu Art Gallery from Premier Exhibitions, elaborately selected 302 pieces of real artifacts on the Titanic. Through special preservation procedures, these artifacts have endured the test of time.

The exhibition is divided into five parts: shipbuilding and sailing, life on board, icebergs and rescue, underwater discovery, and commemoration. With models, scene restoration and other simulations, it gives visitors an opportunity to face the history of the shipwreck.

Using an immersive exhibition method, Hangu Art Gallery provides an appropriate aesthetic distance without adding subjective meaning. The imagination and interpretation of the exhibition will be done by yourself!

In this exhibition, you will find around 300 genuine artifacts recovered from the North Atlantic, about 3784 metres below sea level. Characters from the Chinese adaptation of Titanic give a tour around the exhibition and the authenticity of what you see will give you the chills. Re-enact events to feel what it was like in the ship’s final moments, and experience virtual reality inside the boat!

Adding an intimate touch to the experience with actors from a local adaptation of Titanic

The exhibition also simulates precautions and how mistakes could have been prevented before and after setting sail. This is also a journey to celebrate the life of those who were part of the Titanic’s final journey. Their memories live on. Questions surrounding why Titanic’s sinking was sensational news around the world and why it has repeatedly been mentioned in literature and movies are answered at the exhibition.

The exhibition is bilingual (Chinese Mandarin and English), so no need to worry if your’re still working on your Chinese like me!

After 106 years, be part of the most famous ship in history!

Titanic Exhibition Dates

09:00 -18:00
Ticket Price: 100 RMB (Adults)
80 RMB (Children, Students and Preferential)