1st International Theater Live Festival In Wuhan

The festival will go on until November 26, 2017


The First International Theater Live Festival, endorsed by the British Council, started on November 18 in two cinemas in Wuhan: the Palace Cinema in Horizon shopping center and the Buff Cinema in K11 Optics Valley

K11 Wuhan, a multi-cultural living district

The festival will go on until November 26. Six of the ten HD theaters will display products of British National Theater Live. They are:
The Benedict Cumberbatch’s version of Hamlet
Coriolanus starring Tom Hiddleston
No Man’s Land by Ian Mckellen and Patrick Stewart
Amedeus by the late playwright Peter Shaffer
Obsession with Jude Law
There will also be the modern adaption of Joan of Arc.

The other four plays are produced by Trafalgar Releasing, namely King Lear by Live from Stratford-uponAvon, Richard III by Almeida Theatre Live, The Winter’s Tale starring Ralph Fiennes, and Romeo & Juliet by the cast of the film Cinderella.