1st Supermarket Guide For Wuhan 武汉第一份进口超市囤货指南,各种“尖儿货”都在这了!

你饿了吗? Let's go Shopping!



Let’s go Shopping!

Homesick boys and girls get excited!

Shopping for imported food in Wuhan.

Even though the temperature outside is too hot to run around,

Thinking about the cool supermarket air conditioning, the well-placed goods,

And the various free samples…

I cannot stop myself from going out.

Let’s go! Buy it now!


Alright! After a Long and extensive trip to home furnishing stores, we head to a large imported supermarket.


Hema Fresh Store, Metro , Sam’s Club, Ole’ Lifestyle Experiences

Let’s Go!


The prices of most of imported goods of Hema Fresh Store are pretty close to source prices, especially local fresh products which are almost the same as those of ordinary vegetable farms.

As long as you have Alipay in your phone, you don’t need to wait in line to pay as there are self-service lanes.

Meanwhile, manual cash register is also available to serve the elderly who may not know how to use mobile payments.

Meanwhile, manual cash register is also available to serve the elderly who may not know how to use mobile payments.



The best part is their delivery service, the products will be delivered in 30 minutes as long as your place is within 3 km distance from the store!

There is no limitation to order, and no delivery fee, meanwhile if you are not satisfied with the products, they also support quick no-hassle returns!


Who can say no to this kind of supermarket with considerate service and cost-effective goods!(Not me)

冷鲜区 Cold & Fresh

The seafood in Hema Fresh Store is popular, like Boston Lobsters, Australian Lobsters and King Crabs, and the price is reasonable with some discounts from time to time, you can buy a lot of seafood with only 100 RMB.


The frozen series “Difresco” of Hema’s self-operated brand is also recommended for its selected high-quality fresh ingredients.

波士顿大龙虾 Boston Lobsters


A big and strong Boston Lobster, weight about one kilo, can be taken home for less than 100 RMB, and even someone as poor as me can buy one for a meal. (occasionally)

帝王蟹 King Crab

Now you can buy fresh King Crab, before it could only be seen on tv, it would be a big loss if you miss it.

A processing area and a dining area are equipped next to the seafood area. You only need to pay a little extra processing fee and you can sit and wait for the delicious food to be served.


You can also wash up at the sink after eating.

蔬菜区 Vegetables


There is a large shelf in the fruit and vegetable area specially for the fresh vegetables. They are all selected from the farms around Wuhan. The slogan is “do not sell yesterday’s produce”, and the daily surplus product will be scrapped.

藕带 Lotus Sprouts

Lotus Sprout is a feature of Wuhan that is not found in other cities. It is fresh, packaged, and perfectly portioned for a dish, which is very convenient.

半成品菜 Ready To Cook

There are many kinds of semi-finished dishes equipped with seasonings in Hema. You can take it home, open it, and cook, it is really convenient for us workaholics.

熟食区 Deli



If you are tired of quick-frozen dumplings and don’t have time to make them by yourself, please don’t miss the “Hema Workshop”. The pasta is cooked daily and it tastes fresh.


Light food series are also recommended. Salads, freshly squeezed juices, etc. Are all available, but the price is a bit expensive.

油焖小龙虾 Crayfish


Braised Crayfish with Oil by Hema is super cheap. Only 79 RMB for 0.5 kilo, it tastes good and the smell can catch your noses through the box.

休闲零食区 Snacks



You can buy popular snacks here at a reasonable price, but I suggest to find common household tools and other daily necessities at another place.

白色恋人 Chocolate

This popular chocolate biscuit is only 78 RMB a box! Other markets would not dare to sell at such a low price.

1. 盒马鲜生主打蔬果、海鲜、休闲零食等食物类商品,基本上买不到电器工具日用品;2. 周末人巨多巨多巨多,有时候进超市还得排队,所以如果不想体验人潮涌动,建议在配送范围内找个地方等点外卖;
3. 每个分类都有自营品牌,性价比超高。
4. 盒马有自己的APP,下单不通过其他外卖平台。
1. Hema Fresh Store focuses on food products such as vegetables and fruits, seafood and casual snacks, but you cannot find electrical appliances and utility goods;
2. There are a lot of people on the weekends, and sometimes they have to queue to enter the supermarket, so I suggest to order take-outs within the scope of delivery to avoid crowds;
3. Each category of foods has its own in-house brand at great prices
4. Hema has its own app and there is no need to order through other platforms.

麦德龙 Metro

*分店1  徐东大街48号

*分店2  解放大道144号

*分店3  巨龙大道39号1号楼盘龙广场

大众对于麦德龙的印象,无非是商品基本都是成箱成桶的“豪华家庭装”,逛次超市跟过年打货似的,更适合“逛一次超市,囤一月粮食”的懒癌患者  (比如本乐)
The public’s impression of Metro is that the goods are basically “family packs” of goods in a box. Shopping in Metro is like shopping for spring festival. It is more suitable for lazy person like me who “go to the supermarket once and store up food for a month”.


Metro has become more approachable since simplifying membership claims and introducing more retail packages.Along with its wholesale products, its also becoming more affordable and increasing it’s variety!

冷鲜区 Cold & Fresh

My favorite place is the frozen area, especially the meatpacking section. Without a blue cold suit, you will experience the feeling of being “stuffed into the fridge”.

Now, it has been transformed into a refrigerated area, which has clearly distinguished markings for domestic meat and imported meats, making it convenient to choose.




Since you are at the meat store, you can not miss the sausage. Although the unit price is not cheap, it is full of real meat, and the taste is juicy and solid.

The “Star Farm” logo is printed on the package, which can trace all the information from the place of origin to the market.

科尔沁牛柳 Kerchin Beef

Metro is so practical when providing discounts, there will be 5% off when you buy over 3 kilograms of any kind, so you can enjoy a mix, like black pepper beef, boiled beef tenderloin, and any other dishes as you like.

大桶冰淇淋 Buckets of Ice Cream


Ice cream and games in an air-conditioned room are the magic of summer!”Aka”, the self-owned brand of Metro, the quality and taste can stand the test. A weight of 3 kg will satisfy you!

三文鱼柳 Salmon Fillet

Metro is one of the first supermarkets in Wuhan to sell salmon. It can still be purchased by parts or as a whole if you need.


Btw, Metro will put the products near expiration date together, and clearly indicate that they need to be eaten before the marked date. At this point, I would like to give Metro five stars! It is full of sincerity!

厨房用料区 Kitchen


People who like to cook and love to try exotic foods will be so excited to find all kinds of common and uncommon kitchen materials here.

可达怡多彩胡椒粒 Seasonings

It’s the pepper grinder that is often used in western food. You would turn into a Michelin Chef with it. Compared with other supermarkets, Metro’s are some of the cheapest.

百钻微波蛋糕粉 Cake Mix


Can’t cook? Kitchen killer?Just add water to the flour. Stir well and put in the microwave, and then you have a delicious cake.

休闲食品区 Snacks


It is not suggested to come to Metro to buy snacks! There are so many varieties and brands that are only offered in bulk, filling up several large shelves, it is easy to buy more than you would need for a family.

Horeca辣味玉米片 Spicy Tortilla Chips

You should try the tortilla chips if you are tired of potato chips, and the big bags in my arms are more enjoyable.

屈臣氏汽水 Watsons Soda Water


All kinds of flavors are available! It turns to be a wonderful drink for a home-based person, add some ice and lemon in it, and it is a much healthier alternative to Cola or Sprite.

烘焙区 Baking

Usually, I would run to Metro to solve an urgent need for baking utensils or ingredients.

法棍 Baguettes


Plain baguettes with no additives and fillings are healthy and satiating, it will be delicious if you add your own toppings and bake it at home!


1. 麦德龙有自己的线上商城和外卖配送服务;

2. 凭麦德龙会员卡(硬卡)或当日200元以上的购物发票可免费停车到22点;

3. 如果是临时停车,则会收取3元/小时,15分钟内免费;

4. 结完账后会提供免费的纸箱给打包。

1. Metro has its own online shopping mall and delivery service.
2. Free parking till 10pm with a Metro membership card or show a shopping invoice above 200 yuan on the day;
3. It will be charged 3 yuan per hour (free within 15 minutes) for temporary parking;
4.Free cartons will be provided for packing after payment.





Although the goods sold in Sams Club are similar to the other supermarkets, the customers are different from each other. At Sam’s Club, the membership fee of 260 yuan per year is beyond my expectation and deserves a stern eye-roll..

This time, through the chance to write this article, its my job opportunity to go shopping there, and I realize like never before that my poverty has limited my former imagination


Like Metro, Sam’s Club also has a mix of wholesale and retail. You can see ultra-high shelves and retail goods everywhere. Although the diversity is less than one-fifth of that of Metro, the quality is worth it. And there is nothing cheap about the price.


So! Once you are in Sam’s, you don’t want to miss a variety of free samples, from fruit bread to roast chicken steak, if you are active to try them all, you could make it worth your membership fee in minutes!



People, who are usually ostracized by obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), will be forgiven in Sam’s for the fact that the goods are arranged in such a neat and pleasant way.


I have to say that the life of rich people is really very comfortable ~

蔬果区 Fruits & Vegetables


Sam’s vegetables and fruits are either organic or imported, and they’re incredibly expensive!

荔浦芋头 Lipu Taro

It is rare to see Lipu Taro in ordinary supermarkets. Sam sells it. The taro circle and waxy taro in Meet-fresh are made from it, you can make some delicious desserts at home with it.

MM美国车厘子 American Cherries

You can’t control yourself in front of these big sweet cherries. I have to say I can easily eat a whole box of them!

生鲜区 Fresh Meat

Surprisingly, the prices of Sam’s cold fresh products are not much different from those of the others. Some are even cheaper and more cost-effective.

It is so sweet to indicate on the top of the refrigerator for the parts, shape, and the the recommend cooking method of product!

澳洲谷饲牛腱肉 Australian Beef


It would be a good snack for beef tendons meat to be cooked and cut into thin slices and dipped in a bit of soy sauce.

牛碎肉 Beef Trimmngs


Although it is the leftover material of beef, the price is cheaper than other parts, and it is usually used to make stock or dumplings.

甜品区 Desserts

榴莲千层 Durian Cake


Durian Cake, one of the best-selling products of Sam’s, is tall and big with a weight over 0.5 kilo, they charge less than 90 yuan and it is cheaper than others.

白玉卷 Cake Rolls

It has the same soft waxy crust and delicate cream as durian cake, but there’s a layer of sponge cake in the middle. It’s rich in cake but small in size. Alright, it matches the exquisite girls like me.

蓝莓蛋糕 Blueberry Cake

It is sufficient and affordable; the most attractive part is that there are plenty of blueberries on the top.

饮品区 Drinks


MM is the self-owned brand of Sam, which is much more cost-effective than other products of the same quality. I like fresh fruit juice, it tastes refreshing, it is more convenient than eating fruit.

1. 山姆也是支持在官网上购买然后直接配送到家里;

2. 提供两千多个免费车位,不过节假日还是会出现不够停的状况;

3. 距离地铁站有点远,有车尽量开车,没车就打的士,坐公交的话可能这里真的不太合适你

1. Sam also supports the online purchase at the official website and provides delivery;
2. More than 2000 free parking spaces are available, but it is still insufficient during the holidays;
3. It’s a little far from the subway station. You are suggested to go there by car or taxi instead of taking bus.




I started to pay attention to Ole for its import sliced ham with delicate texture. It is suitable for honeydew melon or bread. Authentic exotic snacks can be made at home with it.

I strongly recommend people who love cheese to Ole to have a look, it will definitely open your eyes. 

In fact, Ole is the main import supermarket of china resources. Although the space is smaller, the variety of products is sufficient for daily needs and it is full of life.

烘焙区 Baking


Ole is very motivated. You will be caught by the aroma of bread upon entering the door. Who can resist this temptation! A dining area is available for customers, you can sit down and enjoy the food after paying.

盒子蛋糕 Box Cake

Box cake is the specialty of Ole baking area, especially soy milk box, you may feel a little greasy after eating, but the taste is good, with a weight of 500g, it only cost less than 30 yuan, the price is really conscience.

海盐流心蛋糕 Sea Salt Cake


You can have a try for the popular sea salt heart cake here, it tastes very delicate.

鲜食区 Fresh Food



Once eating Ole’s fresh food, you’ll find lunch and salad at the convenience store no longer satisfy your stomach. It is cheap and perfectly ripe.

土豆沙拉 Potato Salad


The waxy and soft potatoes are matched with an appropriate salad dressing. The taste can be compared with the potato salad in a Japanese Restaurant. And in my opinion, the small one is better than the big one.

酒水区 Drinks

I never knew there could be so many brands of mineral water before, such as Mount Fuji, Florence, Evian… 

The beer selection is also spectacular, you can buy the most popular beers for young people here like Delirium, Lindemans, Asahi… 

休闲食品区 Snacks



Ole has so many snacks that we even found the Lays American version.

水果区 Fruits


There are so many tropical fruits like apples, passion fruit, green coconuts and so on that are rare to see. They are quite large and are popular in the South.

Lazy people can buy the freshly cut fruit platter, which is colorful and good-looking.

都乐金菠萝 Dole Pineapples


It should be a fruit recently promoted by Ole, the free samples are overflowing on a large plate. After trying, the taste catches our stomach, it is really delicious! (I could not help but eat more)


The shop assistants cut and served them on the spot. You can see them fresh.It is sweet and delicious without the need to dig out the pit on your own.

1. Ole就在汉街万达的负一楼,在附近逛街的人推荐来逛逛;

2. 常用的烘焙食材这里也都有,就是价格稍微贵一点;
3. 再次推荐豆乳盒子,真的超级好吃!!

1. Ole is located on the b1 floor of Wanda Plaza in Han Street.
2. Common baked materials are available here, but the price is a little higher.
3. Recommend soy milk box again, really super delicious!


Wow~ this supermarket guide is finally finished.


Although it’s hard to get to the supermarkets,


The weather is too hot,


Shopping in the supermarket is really fun,


My money has been wiped out


Flying away like a butterfly.


If there are something else not mentioned


Or you have others to recommend


Please let me know in the comments ~

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