The Best Award Winning Bars and Restaurants in Wuhan

Introducing what bars and restaurants won awards.. and what these places are all about!

On Friday December 30th, The Wuhan Social Food & Drink Awards Show delivered its verdict.

We would like to thank all the participants and the voters for their time and their continuous efforts to make their places among the most fabulous Wuhan has to offer.

And here are the winners of 2016 that you, dear readers, have elected.

Summer House Pizza Bar

Best Pizza of the Year + Most International Restaurant of the Year

Located in Wuhan Tiandi, Summer House knows how to treat you well. With its high-quality service staff, this restaurant possesses a very smart but cool atmosphere and offers one of the widest menus of all Wuhan.

In here, you cannot stop feeling the high standards of the owner Andreas, who is always here, ready to help you and make your time lovable.

International food at its best, everything needs to be tried because everything is good. Pizzas remain, without a doubt, a must-try.

The plus: The restaurant labyrinth disposition and the wide choice of dishes. Meals arrive at the table in the right order, thank you!


Brussels Beer Garden / Atomium

Outstanding Bar of the Year

These reputable Belgian bar/bistros are one of the oldest bars in Wuhan, founded early 2005. Brussels Beer Garden is cozy with its wooden decorations and has lively music playlist. Its sister bar, The Atomium, was opened in 2013 and is just three doors down beside Brussels. Both bars have great ambience and terraces where customers can enjoy the view of the lake.

Beside serving 12 different draught beers such as Guinness, American Craft beers, Belgian lagers, Japanese Asahi and Carlsberg, they also have a very nice collection of about 40 different Belgian and German bottle beers served in appropriate glasses.Their small but very nice food menu offers home-made burgers, steaks, salads, pork ribs, and many more bar snacks.

The plus: lake view, knowledgeable staff, wide selection


JIA Kitchen

Best Restaurant of the Year

Relax and enjoy a great Italian meal at the cool, casual dining spot, offering specialties such as Mussels “Puttanesca”; Lobster Tagliolini and more. Choose a cosy indoor booth or table in the in the contemporary dining room with relaxing environment.

Toast your dining experience with a well-edited selection of Italian wines before ordering a feast to remember, cooked while you watch in the open kitchen.

The plus: Authentic homestyle Italian food by an award winning Italian chef.


Best New Bar of the Year

Commune doesn’t lie with its name. This bar brings people together through long wooden tables and organizes events often linked with the “being together” feeling such as football games.

Quite noisy, the bar has a lot of space with two floors, a terrace and a huge screen appears in case of a special event.

In here, you will find imported beer and wine. More appreciated when you are with a big crew, you will enjoy the festive background as the bar is almost always full.

The plus: The view from the second floor. Rock bottom prices.


Jenn Lounge

Live Music Venue of the Year

The opening of JENN LOUNGE was one of the greatest surprises of 2016! With its lounge style seating, chilled out atmosphere, and huge video projection screens, JENN LOUNGE is able to create a vibe like nowhere else in Wuhan.

JENN is able to create a unique atmosphere to suit every style of live music. From solo acoustic acts and dj’s, through to full rock and jazz bands, JENN has something for everyone.

Offering a large variety of beers, both bottled and draught, as well as dozens of different cocktails and other mixed drinks, JENN’s talented bar staff are always able to offer something to suit your specific taste.

The plus – the convenient location at Han Street and the super friendly staff!


Red Stone Room

Best Burger of the Year

The Red Stone Room is a diner style café & bar with a focus on affordable and high quality food.

The owner, Benson, is an experienced chef who has been working in New Zealand for 10 years.

If your looking for a place to grab lunch or dinner on the weekend, or just dinner on the weekdays. Redstone will satisfy even the pickiest of western customers, with very few things to be disappointed in.

The plus: The price of the food and drinks won’t break your budget.



Club of the Year

Club V2 is one of the most popular Night Clubs among Foreigners in Wuhan. You can drink, dance, smoke Shisha and have a crazy night dancing to your favorite tracks played by DJ Amin, DJ Elgon and DJ Asa.

The party starts as soon as you enter the building at 9:00 pm and lasts until 6:00 in the morning. Don’t forget to look your best as you wanna impress the sexy girls in the house. Your weekend is incomplete if you didn’t spend a night in V2.

The plus: Great DJs, lights, and always a full house.


Prison Bagel

Best Bakery/Cafe of the Year

SMZB Boss Wu and Zhang Ge, a photographer and graduate of London School of the Arts together opened Wuhan’s first bagel cafe.

They have a bit of stubbornness with respect to the freshness and quality of the ingredients, using Milestone’s selection of cheese and imported Australian Valley beef, Moul-bie flour, Mexican avocado and Ethiopian quality coffee beans.

These raw materials are difficult to process and store, so they frequently sell out of their most popular bagels and sometimes need to wait in line for 30 minutes to an hour to get your hands on a fresh bagel.

The plus: open till 1am in the morning!


Wuhan International Student Union

Student Choice Award

WISU: the only home away from home. WISU is more than a student Union that has not only won the hearts of many students of Wuhan University, but also the people of Wuhan. WISU has a membership of over 3000 foreign students at WUDA, making it the biggest Union by subscription.

Our goal is to represent all the foreign students, making sure that every student here is happy wherever he/she may be at any given time. In the interest of our members we also engage with other outside organisations and institutions to improve the student life experience and connect them with the city and people of Wuhan.

We are open to working with different partners to give foreign students in Wuhan in general and WUDA students in particular more and more exciting programs. Thank you to all those who voted for us, we will never disappoint you. The Plus: A fully international network of students representing over 120 countries with a variety of majors and skills.

WISU: Always with you


Rhumerie Bounty

Best Cocktail of the Year

Imagine you were a pirate for a night. Do you see it ? The ropes, the wood, the rum ? No mistake here, you are at Rhumerie Bounty.

Awarded as the best cocktail bar of the year, Rhumerie Bounty will make you wild and sing “Yaaarrgh”. Very well-established on Huanyuandao, the bar has an awesome cocktail maker!

Every day has a special event or promotion, which adds a little spice to the place.

The plus: The homemade infused rum and freshly imported oysters!



French Restaurant of the Year

Call me chauvinistic if you want, I will stand still. But if you fancy French gastronomy, you need to go to Mediterranean and try Chef Philippe’s cuisine.

Mediterranean is a place where dishes are colorful and tasty. The decoration is refined without being too much and if you want to talk to the Chef, he’ll be pleased to listen to what you have to say.

The plus: The open-plan kitchen in the dining room and the Seared Foie Gras.


NOI Mediterraneo

Italian Restaurant of the Year

NOI Mediterraneo is, without hesitation, the place to go if you want great Italian food. Pastas, pizzas, risottos, salads, the restaurant treats you well and the staff is very welcoming. The wood fire pizza oven delivers warmth and comfort to the cool winter nights.

If the atmosphere is not particularly Italian, the food is and that’s the most important.

The plus: The olive oil on the table and the very nice staff.


Paddy Field Irish Restaurant and Bar

New Pub of the Year

An ode to Ireland in the middle of the city where the portions are huge and the spirits are high. The owner is Brendan, a friendly, straight talking Irish man who knows (and likes) his drinks.

With their large range of English and Irish classics, it’s best to visit the Paddy Field on an empty stomach. As one of the only places in Wuhan which can properly fill you up on western food, and the only Irish owned Irish bar in the city, their ‘proper portions’ and authentic approach will satisfy any craving for gravy, potatoes and high quality meat.

The plus: Hard to find authentic western dishes and large portions.


Bubble Lab

Honorable Mention

Bubble Lab is a charming brewpub located in the heart of Wuhan. It specializes in the beloved India Pale Ale and offers a great selection of American bourbons and authentic western cuisine.

It has become well known since it’s opening in early 2015, not only for it’s highly awarded craft beers and food, but also for it’s foreign-friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff.

Bubble Lab beer doesn’t simply cater to a specific palate, instead it strives to master the art of craft brewing and therefore please beer connoisseurs and newcomers alike.

The plus: The craft beer is distinctly western brewery influenced and the wood fire stone pizza oven churns out some great tasting pizzas.


A+ Lounge

Honorable Mention

An American style bar, the A+ Lounge is an outrageously lavish Hard Rock café, with even more gimmicks and an even better sense of humour. The bar has just hosted their mid-October ‘Lounge time party’, providing a perfect excuse to view their expensive décor and sample their range of cocktails.

Located in Tiandi, the bar aims to be the hottest spot in Hankou, an area currently lacking that after-party vibe. It has the perfect location for after dinner cocktails, being right beside so many restaurants on the Tiandi streets.

The plus: Cheap bottles, Table Service, DJs, Dance Floor


Eagle Bar

Honorable Mention

The bar bringing the party to the riverside. More than just a nightclub, this place caters for a quiet meal and evening drinks too. Named after its infamous owner, Eagle, who set up the very first nightclub in Wuhan, the Eagle Bar is bringing a new lease of life to the nostalgic nightclub filled glory days of the riverside.

They have just launched their food menu, including Chinese barbeque for a more local taste and Western classics such as spaghetti bolognese and fish and chips. With a stage at the back of the bar, they also plan to have live music and entertainment on the weekends, and the large TV screens play news and sports every evening.

The plus: A Harley Davidson adorned beer market with a stage for live bands.


Devils Brewery

Honorable Mention

Devils Brewery is a new brewpub run by American expats. The homemade style hamburgers, homemade salsa and tortilla chips, BBQ sandwiches compliment their wide selection of 8 truly unique craft beers.

Taylor, the master brewer has been referred to as Walter White of craft brewers always experimenting and adjusting his beers to the season. Get on down to Devils Brewery for a taste of true American Craft Brews and some hard to find comfort foods.

The plus: you can check out all the cool brewing equipment used to make your beer on the first floor