2016 Invest in the United States Forum & Exhibition held in Wuhan

Invest in USA
Zou Weidong, chairman of CCPIT Wuhan Sub-council, is giving speech at the opening ceremony.

On November 16, the 2016 Invest in the United States Forum & Exhibition was held in Wuhan, capital city of central China’s Hubei Province, attracting more than 30 American institutions and nearly 60 enterprises specializing in biomedicine, high-tech, real estate and manufacturing from central China.

Organized by Invest USA Committee and CCPIT Wuhan Sub-council, it is the third time China has held the forum, with the previous editions in Nanjing and Ningbo.

The forum this time aims to enhance the mutual trust and cooperation between China and America, as well as help Wuhan enterprises know the policies, regulations and requirements of investing in America.

It was introduced that in 2015, the trade between Wuhan and America reached 2.236 billion U.S.dollars, increasing by 11.6 percent year on year, of which, the imports and exports accounted for 946 million U.S.dollars and 1.29 billion U.S.dollars, respectively.