2017: Art Odyssey at Qintai Grand Theatre

Qintai Grand Theatre is promoting many shows at only 100 RMB !

Grand Theatre

Have you ever been to Qintai Grand Theatre ? If not, now is your chance to get introduced to this amazing place which has been hosting great artists for quite a while. From operas to drama plays, do not miss this occasion to fill your mind with art !

The “Big Shows for a Hundred Yuans” Campaign

In order to make its promotion impact on more people, Qintai Grand Theatre has decided to cut profit on half of the shows scheduled this year, leading to tickets as cheap as 100 RMB. Some cheaper tickets will also be available at around 40-50 RMB.

So far, at least 13 shows are announced to be sold low-priced. In the list, here are a few which are already on sale:

1.) The Modern Dance Show “Echoes” by FKJ
2.) The Opera “I’m Not The Bodyguard” starring Li Jing and He Yunwei
3.) The Drama “Servant of Two Masters” directed by Lai Shengchuan
4.) The Vocal Concert “Legend of Infatuation” by Eight Eyes Band
5.) Piano Solo by Andrey Pisarey
6.) Pipa Performance by Wu Man

These shows listed above are announced to be sold at 40-50 RMB for balcony seats and 70-80 RMB for mezzanine seats. Some early-birds tickets are also available. Note that the biggest discount will be offered a week before tickets are officially sold. Do not waste your time and make your reservations now !

Why Going ?

People often complain about the fact that art is expensive and not accessible to everyone. Here is the chance for you to fully enjoy the works and performances of artists coming from around the world. Do not hesitate to check out Qintai Grand Theatre’s website to get more information about the upcoming events: http://www.qtconcerthall.com

Let the shows begin !

Grand Wuhan Qintai Theatre (武汉琴台大剧院) costs 1.57 billion yuan, which is invested by Wuhan Municipal Government. It is the national largest and most versatile building. Qintai Grand Theatre, located on the banks of the lake, Jianghan coast. As a core component of the Cultural Arts Center on Lake, with its advanced equipment and facilities, Qintai Grand Theatre is one...
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