2017 Wuhan Social Food & Drink Award Show

An annual celebration of international food, beverages and music in Wuhan

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Welcome To The WuhanSocial.com Food & Drink Awards!
All your votes are in and the on the 17th of December we will come together at the Hilton Riverside Hotel to announce & celebrate this year’s winners 

Wuhan Social 餐饮奖作为武汉国际餐饮及音乐行业的最受关注的年度奖项,将于12月17日,在武汉世茂滨江希尔顿酒店举行颁奖典礼。届时,我们将不仅揭晓获奖名单,还将为大家献上精彩的演出。Wuhan Social 诚邀大家共享此次盛宴!

2016 Wuhan Social Food and Drink Award Show
The crowd of food and beverage insiders looks forward to the awards.

Buffet-Style Catering

French Creamy Chicken Stew, German Pork Knuckle & Sausage with Roasted Potatoes and much more, all slowly cooked to perfection and served by Summer House 

晚宴自助餐由Summer House精心烹制,法式奶油鸡,德式猪排香肠到烤土豆等西式美食待您尽情享用

Buffet-Style Catering by Summer House

French Desserts

Rich hand-crafted French Cheesecakes from Petit Paris with appealing, natural colors and ingredients that create an amazing finish!

来自Petit Paris(小巴黎)纯手工制作的法式芝士蛋糕,将以其完美的颜值、天然的配料、及其丰富的口感,在现场期待着您的品鉴

Fresh Fruit Cheesecake by Petit Paris

European Wine

Add a bit of sophistication to the night with top of the range red & white wine from French Spirits

让French Spirit 的优质欧洲葡萄酒为这欢乐的夜晚,加一分浪漫情调,更添一丝精致格调

How divine, pour yourself some wine!

Free-Flow American Craft Beers

Vedett White, Easy Jack, & Tank 7. Three great draft beers will be on tap for you to enjoy, courtesy of Duvel-Moortgat!


Cheers to this year’s award winners!

Cocktails & Spirits


Thanks to support from Eco-global & Aqualand, there will be: Sierra Reposado Tequila Shots, La Paloma Cocktails & Expert Mixologists from Shanghai at the bar to turn the Show into a Party!

感谢 Eco-global 和 Aqualand晚宴中我们还将为大家提供:Sierra Reposado 龙舌兰酒和La Paloma 鸡尾酒。而调酒师也会负责将晚宴的欢庆气氛推向派对似的高潮!

Shots anyone?

There will also be exclusive product giveaways, coupons, and raffles thanks to Aloha Diner, Space Club and Eco Global

有由Aloha Diner和Space Club以及Eco Global提供的独家赠品,优惠券抽奖活动在等着您哦!

Discounted Pre-sale Tickets Available


Performances throughout the award night from some of the most popular bands in the city


Frankenstein & The Guitar Factory


You’ll soon find yourself singing along to the rock-centred tunes of FGF and drawn-in by their unique ability to engage with crowds


JZ House Band


For a lighter touch to the evening, The House Band’s enchanting repertoire will shift the mood and leave you with a deeper appreciation of Jazz music

HOUSE 乐队 将带你轻触浪漫美妙的爵士乐 让你沉醉于这样的夜晚…

Gravity Heartz

Gravity Heartz乐队

One of the youngest (expat) bands in Wuhan with a passion for music that resonates in their multi-themed song selections


The French Mix-Master

We’ll also have Bubu 不不 blending old school sounds with the latest songs from around the world while adapting to the changing mood during the award ceremony

Discounted Pre-sale Tickets Available