24000 Athletes and Fans Kick Asphalt at the 2018 Wuhan Marathon

A recap of the Biggest Marathon In Wuhan

Wuhan Marathon 2018

An early Sunday morning , perfect for rolling yourself up in your blanket and catching up on some sleep. But this was no ordinary Sunday. Roads were closed off , and a crowd of spectators were standing on their toes (some on top of trees) to catch a glimpse of what was to come.

24000 people including runners from 29 different countries came together to participate in the Wuhan Marathon, the biggest marathon in Wuhan so far! It consisted of three events – Full Marathon (42 km) , a Half Marathon (21 km) and the Health Run (13 km). The race began from the banks of the Yangtze river in Hankou , ran along Zhongshan Boulevard and then cross the Jianghan and Wuhan bridges.

The Marathon crossed many iconic places in Wuhan.

Sprinters , joggers, professional athletes and amateurs of all ages all joined together and started the amazing race at 7:30 am. Many of the roads were blocked and the event was very heavily secured. That didn’t stop groups of pedestrians and onlookers cheering “Jia You” keeping the joggers motivated and focused on finishing the race. Some people showed up with creative cosplays bringing smiles and giggles to everyone’s face.

PUBG fans, go wild
PUBG fans, go wild!
In a mood for chicken dinner?In a mood for chicken dinner?
Chicken dinner anyone? (source : 武汉热跑团.)

The Winner of the marathon was a Moroccan athlete Boudad Zakaria , who clocked a very impressive time of 2:15:29. Rbina Said , another Moroccan athlete came second 5 seconds later.

Boudad Zakaria conquered the Marathon
Boudad Zakaria conquered the Marathon

Hunde Meskerem Abera from Ethopia came first among the women athletes clocking in 2:28:35.

Hunde Meskerem Abera
Hunde Meskerem Abera came first among female athletes. (source: 武汉热跑团.)

Pushing through the pain and finishing the race is a really big achievement.  Completing a marathon is on a lot of bucket lists , so in case you missed out this time , I highly recommend participating in the next marathon.

Could you walk a mile in his shoes ? (source :武汉热跑团.)

Jiayou! (source : 武汉热跑团.)

Did you participate in this year’s marathon ? Let us know your experience.