26 August Entrepreneur Support Center Launch & Business Conference

Legally hiring foreigners (including students), startup incubation & affordable shared office spaces at the Jie Li Fang International Creative Center


International Creator Sharing Conference

Date: Sunday August 26, 2018
Time: 14:00-18:00
Venue: Sino-European International Creative Experience Center (Jie Li Fang 1st Floor, He Zuo Road)

Startup incubation & affordable shared office spaces at the Jie Li Fang International Creative Center

This Sunday – meet some of the expats running  their own businesses in Wuhan as they share their business experiences and challenges faced over the years. You’ll also be introduced to new shared office spaces at the Creative Center as well as the support offered by the Wuhan government at the center.

Read more about the conference below and register to join this Sunday’s conference. Limited seats available!

At this event you will:

  • Be introduced to new government initiatives and incentives offered to foreign entrepreneurs in Wuhan
  • Hear business and personal experiences as well as challenges faced by some of Wuhan’s Chinese and expat entrepreneurs
  • Ask local business leaders and government representatives detailed questions about setting up companies in Wuhan
  • Interact with top Wuhan government officials and air out concerns and challenges faced when doing business in Wuhan


Huang Qin (France), Huang Qin lanming Construction Firm & Bai Yue Translation

Huang Qin is a Partner at Lanming Architectural Design Firm, founder of Baiyue Translation and former consul of the French Consulate General in Wuhan. She has been committed to the cultural exchange between China and France for many years and has made outstanding contributions to the establishment of friendly exchanges between Wuhan and France.

Zang Lei (Australia), founder of TongDu Town

TongDu TownTongDu Town is a children’s educational platform. Years of research on children’s education led to the development of TongDu Town, a unique learning platform for children based on a S2B2C approach.

With over 500,000 online communities built-up over the last 2 years, TongDu’s experience has delivered more than 15,000 experience users to the education and training industry.

Jacob Wilson  (USA), founder of WuhanSocial

WuhanSocial.comWuhan Social is a multi-platform community for fans of an international lifestyle in Wuhan. Founded in 2015, Wuhan Social is the first English-language media website operated by foreigners in Wuhan.

For travellers, international students and business personnel coming to Wuhan, WuhanSocial.com is the go-to site when looking for things to do and places to visit in Wuhan.

Ali Wari (Palestine), Aldeerah Arabic Restaurant

Aldeerah Arabic RestaurantIn 1995 Ali studied in the Wuhan Tongji Medical University (now Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science & Technology)and took on further studies in Beijing (2001). After founding a medical device company in 2008, Ali returned to Wuhan in July 2011 to open the Aldeerah Arabian Restaurant.

International Creative Center benefits

The Wuhan government is working towards simplifying and improving some of the legal procedures and services foreigners in Wuhan go through to encourage the growth of international businesses while building networks of entrepreneurs in Wuhan. Some of the assistance the international Creative Center will provide foreigners include:

  • Fast and clear communication platforms
  • Startup incubation and introductions to investment firms
  • Affordable shared office space
  • Fully furnished apartments for rental (within walking distance of shared office space)

Note that seating is limited. Register online to reserve your place.

Conference Timeline

13:00 – photos and guest arrival
14:00 – guest check-in and opening remarks
14:30 – opening presentation-“Importance of the internationalization of Wuhan”
15:00 – introduction to the International Creators Center
16:00 – experience sharing and presentations by invited guests
– presentation from the International Chamber of Commerce
– question & answer session
17:00“Wuhan government’s latest interpretation of foreign policies” – presentation by the Deputy Director of the Wuhan Entry-Exit Administration
17:30 – open discussion & networking opportunity
18:00 – group photo session & event conclusion

Agency Representatives

Wang Jun, Deputy Director of the Wuhan Entry-Exit Administration

Wang Xiangsheng, Vice President of the Wuhan Foreign Friendship Association

Cheng Zhen, Vice President of International Students College of Wuhan University

Ling Ling, Chairman of Wuhan Yi Tong Wen Travel Co., Ltd.

Business Chamber Representatives

Zhang Shilong – Wuhan Sino-European International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Wang Kaizheng China Commercial Bridge

International Guests

Huang Qin, Partner at Huang Construction firm & Chairman of Hundred Excellent Translation Company  and former Economic consul of the French Consulate in Wuhan

Chingiz Sapekov, founder of Han Nation Network (Kazakhstan)

Representatives of Media Organizations

Yu Tianbao, founder of Zhong Chuang Network

Guiding Authorities

Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau entry and Exit Bureau

Jiang’an Committee Organization Department (recruitment bureau)

Jiang’An Science and Technology Bureau (Jiang’an office)

Jiang’an Human Resources Bureau (Jiang’an office)


Jielifang International Creative Center


Wuhan Sino-European International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Supporting Organizations

Wuhan University

China Commercial Bridge

TongDu Town

Media Support

Zhong Chuang Network