43rd Yangtze River Crossing Festival In Wuhan

One of the biggest annual events in Wuhan!

Yangtze River Crossing Festival pic
Yangtze River Crossing Festival


Yangtze River Crossing Festival is one of the biggest annual events in Wuhan! On July 16th 2017, the 43rd festival will be broadcast live in English & Chinese Mandarin, from 8am-9.30am (Beijing Time)

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festival location
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event location

Ways to watch the live broadcast

  1. YouTube channel: Search Wuhan
  2. Huang He WAP:http://wap.whtv.com.cn/folder142/folder158/index.html
  3. Website for PC users: http://www.whtv.com.cn/tv/6/online/
  4. Wuhan in Hand App, Douyu Live, People live, Toutiao, Phoenix New Media.

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“wo ai Wuhan!”

Wuhan is our hometown or a city you like. We want you to not only watch the live broadcast, but show how proud you are of being a Wuhan citizen or in having once lived here. So please

  • Post the pictures of the live broadcast you watched, and your feeling of the festival/city with your WeChat/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/WhatsApp or other social media
  • Add our Facebook/Twitter account, and forward the Festival related content.
  • Send the screenshot of your post with comments to the WeChat group “Wuhan tv 6 Club” or searchwuhan@163.com

The 10 screenshots with the most comments will be selected and the participants that submitted them will receive prizes!


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staying cool in the Wuhan Summer heat
2017 Crossing Yangtze River festival date