A Decade of Nurturing Global Citizens at Wuhan’s Largest Private International School System

Introducing Wuhan's largest international school system: a community based on Respect, Responsibility, Hard-work and Honesty


Brief History of Maple Leaf Foreign Nationals’ School

Founded in 2007, Maple Leaf was the first international school for foreign students licensed in Wuhan and is one of the 78 Maple Leaf schools spread among 19 cities in China and is Canada’s largest offshore school system.


China’s Maple Leaf schools are the largest private K-12 and international school system with a formidable alumni network. Since 1999, the Maple Leaf school network has had over 12,000 graduates that have studied at over 600 universities in more than 30 countries and regions around the world. Since November 2014, China Maple Leaf Educational Systems has been trading as a publicly listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.


Maple Leaf’s experienced teaching staffs comes from the top universities in the world with strong educational backgrounds in the education sector. They have all fit seamlessly in the Maple Leaf system and continue to give their all when educating the future leaders of the world.

Meet Maple Leaf’s friendly teaching staff

Under the steady leadership of Principal Laing, the wise counsel of Mrs Zhu and tireless assistance of Mrs Laing, Maple Leaf Wuhan has grown from strength to strength, while serving the expatriate community in Wuhan.

Principal Laing, Administrative Officer Zhu and Secretary Laing

Maple Leaf welcomes students from international families (non-Chinese resident) that reside in Wuhan and neighbouring areas. Join an international network that provides a well-rounded educational experience and prepares students to overcome challenges and add value to the communities around them.

Entering Wuhan’s Maple Leaf system means being part of a rigorous and engaging academic program attentive to all students, regardless of race, colour or country of origin. Maple Leaf makes a daily effort to promote healthy student development academically, socially, emotionally and physically in a learning environment where students and teachers are treated with dignity and respect.

Academic Curriculum

Maple Leaf Wuhan offers the British Columbia (BC) curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 9. The BC curriculum is a distinguished educational system in literacy, Mathematics and Science. Maple Leaf Wuhan offers a wide range of courses within these fields. The BC curriculum focuses on developing necessary skills which are essential for future work environments in a global, competitive market. The teaching in a BC school patiently instils fundamental principles and learning processes, while other systems tend to simply analyze end results on standardized tests.Maple Leaf

Wuhan blends a Western BC curriculum with the best of Eastern cultural elements, while following core values of “Respect, Responsibility, Hard-work and Honesty”.

Courses include: Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, the performing arts (including Dance, Drama and Music), Physical and Career Education, Applied Design, Skills and Technology. Non-BC courses also on offer include English as a Second Language (ESL) as well as Mandarin (beginner and advanced level). Both allow non-native language speakers to progress at their own pace and for native language speakers, opportunities to master both written and spoken forms of a language. Students are encouraged to make full use of the Maple Leaf Library and its wide range of English books that cater for all age groups.

The learning doesn’t end indoors. Some Maple Leaf co-curricular activities include: Cooking Club, Calligraphy, Athletics, Construction, Art, Basketball, Hockey, Dance, Student Council, Soccer, Baseball and Cricket.

Students can also look forward to cultural activities and educational trips around Wuhan, allowing them to develop a natural curiosity to engage and interact with the world around them.

Maple Leaf Science Museum trip
Soaking in the fresh air during a forest park walk
As a Maple Leaf student, you’ll find yourself skating like a pro in no time!
Fun & games at a Halloween costume party
Huazhong University Museum trip

By catering for individual needs and implementing suggestions from students, the Maple Leaf cafeteria keeps students energized and hungry for knowledge. Students will also develop an appreciation for local culture and invaluable life skills through interactive activities throughout the year.

Mid-Autumn Festival delicacies made by Maple Leaf students
Students following careful instructions on how to make dumplings

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