An unforgettable night anyone can afford Chinese Valentines Day!

Be My Valentine!


Aug 17 

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Chinese Valentines Day

It’s not enough to find a good partner, its also important to be a good partner. Surprise yours with the most memorable night (no, it’s not roses and chocolate candies)Wuhan Social searched Wuhan for what to do on Chinese Valentines day and from many options we choose one to introduce to you – Dinner for two at the #1 Italian restaurant in Wuhan only for 520 CNY per couple!

Friday 8月17日

520 rmb per couple

Simple Magic 

We choose to highlight this restaurant for valentines day for it’s price and quality! Saltimbocca is a new restaurant in Wuhan, and you probably haven’t been there yet – Italian restaurant with incredibly designed open kitchen where you can watch how Michelin star meals are made. Watch how Emilie and Robbie from Australia enjoyed their date!

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The set menu includes a snack, appetiser, first meal, second meal, desert, and champagne for 520 rmb per couple.

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520 rmb / couple


No. 11 Workshop, 16 West Yezhi Lake Road, Hongshan District, Wuhan City


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