And The Winner Is, Dazhimen!

Congratulations to the winner of the 2017 Wuhan Social Burger Battle!


Food-lovers of Wuhan here is your 2017 Wuhan Social Burger Battle winner!

Dazhimen’s winning burger

Chef Adu’s burger faced some saucy competition over the last three weeks, but his Finnish touch on the victorious burger landed Dazhimen the number one spot. Credit to the 15 other restaurants that took part in the first Wuhan Social Burger Battle, your amazing burger entries have given you pantries-full of followers and cemented your places on the Wuhan food and beverage map.

So what was the Burger Battle?

The Burger Battle participants

The 2017 Wuhan Social Burger Battle was the first edition of a competition between 16 different restaurants’ burgers in Wuhan. The battle was split into four voting rounds, with voting restricted to the people of Wuhan and each voter having one vote per round. A key feature of this battle was not only the discounts on offer for the different burgers during each round, but great exposure for each restaurant and opportunities to reach out to people that may not have known about these awesome places.

Chef Adu in action

People that followed the Burger Battle from its early stages reported that the Dazhimen BBQ Beef Rib Burger was better and better in each round. Loyal Dazhimen customers will tell you how Chef Adu’s crafty menu keeps changing while consistently satisfying the hungry bellies of Wuhan.

a classy touch for the food-lovers
Vegetable Salads are also available at Dazhimen

What goes well with Dazhimen’s food?

The craft beer community is relatively small in Wuhan but growing day by day, and Dazhimen is one of the few restaurants in Wuhan that offers a range of craft beers in addition to an assortment of imported beers.

Some of the Dazhimen beers on offer

-a tip for food-lovers: ask Xie Zifeng, Mr Dazhimen himself, for advice on beverage selection when ordering your food.

Team Dazhimen


Wooden tables, a cozy lighting, the atmosphere is modern and woody, with a touch of rock’n roll, a cool staff and a very eclectic music playlist. How refreshing it was to be able to listen to all kinds of music in one place and still being able to talk! Ready? It’s now time for you to grab the menu and...