Baiji: Wuhan’s Rugby Team Celebrates its 5 Year Anniversary

An Invitation To Wuhan's Rugby Community

The Wuhan Baiji Rugby team invites You to its weekly training session! Whether you're new in Wuhan or have been here for a while, fit or not, you're welcome to join!

New to Wuhan? Old to Wuhan? No matter how many days or years you have been in Wuhan, you are welcome to join Wuhan Baiji Rugby Club (WBRC).

Whether you have no experience at all or have extensive experience, WBRC welcomes you all! Short, fat, thin, tall; all are welcome! We have a weekly training session on Saturdays from 2pm-4pm at the Wuhan University East Yard Football Stadium.

WBRC is an all-inclusive sports club which is coming up on its 5th anniversary in November 2017. Our players, both ladies and gents, are mainly students, with some teachers in the mix to make sure things get completely out of line.
We are from all over the world, with a team composed of 15 different nationalities at points.

Team Baiji

Originally started in October 2012 as a source of entertainment for some homesick foreign students, WBRC has become a force to be reckoned with in the expat rugby tournaments all over China.

Every year, we compete in the Eastern Division Sino 10s League. This year, the league will have 10 teams in it: Shanghai Silver Dragons 1st and 2nd, Shanghai Dolphins, Shanghai Sports University, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Changzhou, YiWu and your home team, Wuhan Baiji Rugby Club. WBRC will travel to Hangzhou and Shanghai for the 1st leg and the final respectively and will host the 2nd leg in Wuhan.

We will also be part of several invitational tournaments around China including in Beijing, Xiamen and Guangzhou.

We’d also like to feature our leadership team, the coaches and the captains.This year the committee is made up of:

  • Maria- Ladies Team Representative
  • Anton-Social Organiser
  • Martin-Club Administrator
  • Wais and Jacques-the shadow chairmen.

If you are interested in being part of the Baiji Committee please let one of us know.

Should you join the club, there is an annual membership fee to pay. But don’t be disheartened, there are various levels of membership which depending on what you want & your financial means, a perfect package can be found for you. Our fee break-down is as follows:

With Kit Without Kit
Worker 1000 700
Student 500 300


By kit we mean a pair of three quarters rugby socks, a pair shorts and a WBRC training top.
All levels of membership will cover your health insurance for all the tournaments that you participate in. Baiji Club Members will receive a keyring token which will allow them to receive 10% off food and drink from WBRC’s bar and restaurant sponsors.

Tokens can be bought from WBRC for 100RMB.

For members who are interested in getting in better shape in their own time, WBRC offers a one on one sit down session to discuss a player’s goals and the best ways to achieve them with a personalised training schedule offered.

Should players be interested in attending refereeing, rugby coaching or strength and conditioning coaching courses in order to become a qualified referee, coach or instructor, then WBRC is able to help you out with attending the appropriate courses.

This year (so far) our tournament schedule looks like this:

Pre-Season September No Official Games.

Organise friendlies/Joint Practices

Invitational – Ladies 21st October Beijing
Tournament 1 – Men’s (ladies?) 28th/29th October City A – Hangzhou

City B – Changzhou

Invitational – Ladies 4th November Xiamen
Tournament 2 – Men’s


11th November

18th November

City C – Wuhan

City D – Yiwu

Tournament 3 – Men’s 2nd/3rd December Shanghai


We look forward to starting a new season on the 9th of September. New players can come along and play with WBRC for free for one month. At this stage, we expect 50% of membership fees to be paid, with the remaining 50% due after the second tournament and before the final tournament in Shanghai in December.

If you have any questions you can scan the QR code below or WeChat ID:JackEasy and you’ll be added to the Wuhan Baiji Group!

WeChat ID: JackEasy