Big Heart’s & Bottomless Cups at the Baiji Rugby Social一个你可能错过了的周六派对

A recap from last weeked's Baiji Rugby family's Social


Devil’s Brewery: your home away from home, with better beer. Well we came, we conquered, and we suffered with hangovers the next day. That’s right, Baiji Rugby rolled back into your hearts with a summertime social, graciously hosted by Devil’s Brewery on Easter-April-Fools-eve. Our rugby family rocked up in the evening, spurred on by some crackin’ (Easter pun, get it?) all you can drink offers, the promise of great company and some of the best burgers in town.


Cheers to another awesome weekend of Rugby!

When the lights dimmed and the music started, we arrived; slowly but surely in our troves and hordes. Having had training a few hours prior our rugby gals and guys were primed for some good eating. These socials are a great way to meet new people and reconnect with the old ones… We had new Baiji players, old Baiji players, friends of friends, and people who got lost on the way to the club. All were welcome, all got their money’s worth playing our favourite drinking games, most couldn’t walk in a straight line after. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our attendees had to say…


Some down time after an intense training session

‘It was a wonderful social! When I saw so many old and new members coming, I realized I’m in such a big warm family! We can’t stop drinking, laughing and kissing; I’m pretty sure Sophie got the most lipstick prints.’ – Yicheng

“这是一个完美的派对!当我看到如此多新老成员的到来时,我意识到我在一个如此温暖的大家庭里!我们情不自禁的喝酒,大笑和亲吻;我非常确定苏菲得到了最多的唇印” 逸程说。

‘It was an easy laughter, familiar antics, this-time-again-next-week kind of vibe’ – Mr. Kenzie

‘这是一个容易让你笑,熟悉的动作,有一种下个星期同一时刻再见的感觉”Mr. Kenzie说。

一二三, pose!

So our free-flow drinks might have ended at midnight but the party did not. You know we kept on going. More rambunctious than ever. The event, in true hugby spirit, was an outpour of love. On behalf of Baiji, we’d love to thank everyone who attended and all the beautiful staff at Devil’s who plied us with booze and burgers.


So who’s buying the next round?

‘Like in the best traditions of rugby, at Devil’s last night you could taste the joy of being together. In a simple but no less powerful celebration of friendship in all its aspects, without forgetting, indeed, a bit of craziness’- Franci Rauccio

Franci Rauccios说到。“就像白暨最好的传统一样,昨晚在小恶魔你能感受到大家在一起的乐趣。一种简单却不缺乏力量的方式庆祝友谊,没有遗忘,的确,有点儿疯狂。”

Devils’ Craft Beer, the drink of Champions