Breaking New Grounds : Women Wisdom and Wealth Event

Speaker Dr. Muyi and one of the entrepreneurs

There is something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness and the nerve to not take no for an answer. Saturday 25th of March was a day many lives, mine included, were changed for the better. Pretty Buka alongside Michael Mutombo from ACBG, worked tirelessly for the Women Wisdom & Wealth event to be a success. This was a chance to invite women entrepreneurs who have succeeded and still on the path that leads to success; to come and inspire fellow women. Women Wisdom & Wealth aims to be a part of empowerment and encouragement of young women.

Pretty Buka Hosting the Woman Wisdom & Wealth

Pretty L. Buka, who was the host of the event, is a passionate, innovative, amiable and self-driven 22-year old from Botswana, Africa. She is a 4th-year student at Wuhan University of Technology studying International Trade and Economics. Pretty is a Business Assistant at ACBG Limited.  She later acknowledged that with this exceptional event she wanted to include women on all levels of success. She was excited to share that the tickets sold for the event were more than the expected target. This goes to show that women around Wuhan are not only passionate about what they do but they support each other.

Saviour, ACBG Director of Projects & Administration

Saviour Ayertey is the Director of Projects and Administration of Africa-China Business Group Limited. He got a chance to talk about how they carry out Education Purposes with ACBG. He mentioned that they have partners that register confidence in China. Their goal is to create and foster a learning and development platform for business and investment partnerships between African and Chinese entrepreneurs. He was honored to be a part of this compelling event to witness the world being changed for the better through powerful women.

Women Wisdom & Wealth Speaker, Dr. Aidogie Muyi

You need to identify an opportunity and walk towards it. The first thing you need to do is to have a plan

One of the speakers at the event was Dr. Aidogie Muyi from Nigeria. She is one of the most influential women i have come across and she positively impacts on everyone’s lives through her profound words of wisdom. She owns an Import and Export Company, Dolci Passi International Ltd. She is a business consultant at Tabitha Group & Women in New Nigeria. Dr. Muyi has a real estate venture and she is also a Trained Eye Practitioner. She is not only a sage but she is a woman of many gifts. At the Women Wisdom & Wealth event she talked about how to change your mess into money. Dr. Muyi reprimanded women against amplifying the magnitude of their challenges. “You need to identify an opportunity and walk towards it. The first thing you need to do is to have a plan”, said Dr. Muyi. She suggested that sometimes women just need to volunteer willingly and sell their ideas to someone, in the hopes that one might like it and that’s how success begins, one step at a time. She wrote a book and it was translated into three different languages in her country. In her closing remarks she said, “Look inwards and you’ll discover the entrepreneur in you!” Before she left the stage she stated that no idea is bad, its just how you put it. Packaging is quite important.

Women Wisdom & Wealth Speaker, Monifa St John

Go big or go home

The other speaker was Monifa St John from Antigua and Barbuda. She owns the Eden’s healthy Kitchen Co. She is also an events operator and entertainment manager. Monifa has been in China for the past eight and a half years. She would buy clothes and shoes from New York and she sell them. She referred to herself as a ‘Go big or go home’ kind of girl. From the way she talks and presents herself, she possesses that alpha-female element. She focused on why people are so afraid to start something new. She said, “Like happiness, fear is just an emotion so why are we afraid to start? Whatever you have to do you need to just start… and it’s not only about money.” She gave three other things a woman needs besides money in order to be successful.

  1. You need mentors – there are those people who have already been through that same path, or are going through the same situation. Either way it is important that you have someone encouraging you and mentoring you.
  2. You need honest friends – she stated that it is vital that one has some honest friends, who will be able to tell or advise them if their idea is not fully planned. Honest friends bring out the best in a person.
  3. Know your business – you must be able to explain your business in one sentence.

She also advised women to be able to help each other, and always provide the best quality. Monifa talked about Money Management, that one has to save and separate their money. She noted that it is of importance to invest your money. In conclusion, Monifa encouraged women to keep reinventing themselves and to keep all their information current.

Speakers and Entrepreneurs after being awarded certificates

These women are remarkably outstanding! They are some of the entrepreneurs in Wuhan.  They had a chance to introduce themselves and talk about their businesses. To mention a few:

  • Shubila Ruth Kikoko (Tanzania) of Elevare, having their first brunch networking session connecting the Chinese and International community, on the 8th of April. She is also widely known as the author of Incubated In China, a must read!
  • Bourandi Tahsine Gnire (Benin) of Alafia natural, which offers products that help ladies struggling with their hair.
  • Jill Ngounio-Gabia (Central African Republic) of Madina Beauty Products. It is all about beautifying ladies with trending fashion items including make-up, shoes and hats.
  • Astride Antonio Miranda (Guinea Bissau) of Miranda Foreign Beauty Salon. It brings the best of hair weaves, braids and the service itself.
  • Naomi Monica Redway (Jamaica) of NR Photography. She is a 20 year old Medical student at HUST. She is developing and creating a name for herself.
  • Julie k. Nsiima (Uganda) of BauHouse Designers UG. It provides top quality consulting services in graphics design, branding, marketing and photography.
Photo Credit : BauHouse UG

Pretty took some time to sit down with some of the entrepreneurs and conducted a Q&A. The audience was well involved, mostly because the whole setting made the audience feel captivated. In summation, Women Wealth & Wisdom focused on how women in Wuhan can brand themselves, turn their mess into success, appreciate the small beginnings and make their passion their paycheck. Every woman who attended this event, left encouraged to either start a business or start doing something that contributes to self-development. A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at her. To all the women of excellence in Wuhan, the time is Now.

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