Chasing Clouds: Wuhan’s Underground Vape Scene

The highs and lowdown on the break-out vape scene in Wuhan.


Those of you that are familiar with vaping may see it as one of two things, either as a cooler (and safer) alternative to smoking, or as a hobby. Either way it is a good, fun community and has lots to explore. This last month I have been going around all the stores, bars and clubs that have the word vape in their name to see what it’s all about.

Those unfamiliar with vaping it’s easier to look back a few years and mention the E-cigarettes that were being produced, at first as a quit ‘smoking aid’. Since then the technology has advanced ten fold, now you have customizable devices, millions of flavored oils and even a smoke trick based sport known as ‘cloud chasing’.

So if you are interested in vaping already, or if you’re a little interested in seeing it all for the first time we have just the list of places for you to check out here in Wuhan!

Vape on!

(HK) Hanker Vape Shop

From the Top of the Clouds

wechatimg6The first Vape Shop we have found in Wuhan, with a great selection and decent prices, just slightly more expensive than to buy it online. They have English Speaking staff that will help you set it up, and let you try all the flavors of liquids.

Many if not most of their liquids are imported and in our opinion some of the best there is to offer. They have extensive experience and can help walk you through the products if you are new to vaping. Vaping hobbyist will love their MODS and building area.

The store is in the walking street area directly behind Wanda. If you find the big square at the back of wanda, walk straight away from wanda, with wanda at your back. Its on the same alley as Gymboree, Helen Doran, and Juren English Schools.

Vape Van Club

The Starbucks of Vaping

1218041106The first of the Vape Van company shops on the list. With friendly and enthusiastic staff, this ‘Vape Club’ is a great place not only to buy all your vaping needs and some wicked flavours but also a great place to hang out too. With lots of seating, a bar that stocks everything from beer to coffee and a relaxed atmosphere, you can’t go wrong.

Flavour wise, the choice in oils are picked out by the boss who has been vaping for over 3 years, with a mix of milky to sweet flavours and a few different levels of VG-PG mix for those of you chasing clouds.

Vape Van: (万松园)

266989902-1Another of the VapeVan chain stores, this one is more aimed towards those of you into cloud chasing, DIY and custom builds, that being said all are welcome and the friendly and helpful staff can offer all sorts of help and advice for the experts and new starters out there.

A little like starbucks, you can always be sure that the quality found in one VapeVan shop will be found in the next one. With other 6 shops open in wuhan alone looking for your local VapeVan might be a useful idea for those vapers out there.

Oil wise you can find a lot of flavours, some local and some imported, and if you’re into menthol flavours, VapeVan shops have a wide selection.

Vape Lounge

Vaping while getting a Dragon Tattoo

1187461098-1-575x1024Vape lounge is owned by two brothers, one of them is a vaping expert, the other is a tattoo artist with over 20 years experience!

This place is not only well stocked and well decorated but stands out from the other listings because of the fact that you can show up, buy some oils and then vape and get a tattoo at the same time!

The selection of oils are hand picked for quality instead of branding, so the flavours are all nice and pure, even if you may not of heard of the company (in my opinion not a bad thing)

Imports (oils and hardware) are all from America, there is a mini fridge packed with drink (which are more than fairly priced) and finally there are water pipes out back for those of you who want a good old fashioned (non-digital) smoke.

Mostly open late, this place is worth a look, especially if your into both tattoos and vaping.

Vape Bar (蒸汽核心)

All aboard the vape train, first stop, the bar!

1054939094A good little place and out of the way a little, but the decorations, oils selections and choice of drinks make up for it. This is one of the few stores outside of hankou on the list, but from what we have seen there are plenty out there.

We really liked the mix of modern and steampunk-esk styling in the decorations, and the staff were more than happy to see some new interested faces.

Comfortable atmosphere, good selections and activities going on most of the time (from films to teaching vape tricks) so stop by and have a try!

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Ford Anderson
Douglas Ford Anderson is an English expat, who enjoys learning new things and being challenged, three years ago he suddenly decided England was boring and decided to leave his band and friends behind in Worcester and come to Wuhan to ‘Mix it up a bit’ so far he has no plans to go anywhere else.