The Power of Flowers! Wuhan’s Cherry Blossom Season is Here!

Wuhan welcomes spring with the bloom of the beautiful Sakura cherry blossoms

bubble floating over cherry blossom
It is the season of Hope , Love and happiness !


We can finally bid adieu to the cold unforgiving winter and celebrate the arrival of the season of love. The cherry blossom trees in Wuhan University are in full bloom giving the campus a heavenly feel with the explosion of white and pink everywhere. It’s finally time to remove the clunky winter jacket and to put on some bright colourful clothes and head over to the splendid Sakura festival.

Wuhan is one of the few places in China where we can witness the tranquillity of the cherry blossoms. This makes it a top attraction bringing people from all over China. So, don’t miss out!

Here you can see people of all ages enjoying the Sakura festival. The occasional showers of rain didn’t deter the people’s spirits as they continued taking pictures even in the downpour.

A few pointers to keep in mind:

  • take pictures with the curious locals
  • try not to get in the way of someone else’s picture and remember,
  • it’s a day to shamelessly love yourself and take as many selfies as you please!

The Cherry Blossoms are open to Wuhan University students who carry their student card with them. Non-students will have to book a reservation via the official Wuhan University WeChat account. Booking is free, but the reservations get filled up really quickly, so hurry! The Sakura festival should be around until mid-April.

Wishing you a happy Sakura festival!

Address : 湖北省武汉市武昌区珞珈山路17号
Entrance : Free upon prior reservation

For reservations and more info:

Sharath is a medical student at Wuhan university. He is an avid lover of art and enjoys creating digital art. He is also very passionate about photography and design.