China’s first racing car school set up in Wuhan

Plans underway for a 3,000-5,000 student tertiary automobile education institution in Wuhan.

Changan Ford Team aiming for the Champion in Wuhan Street Circuit-News center - Formula Racing Development. (Photo Credit: Changan Ford Racing Team)

China’s first racing car school was recently established in Wuhan and the school will begin enrolling students in September 2019. As the first professional school in China focusing on racing car technology and personnel training, the school will be linked with Jianghan University.

In recent years, automobile racing has become increasingly popular in China. Wuhan, a city that has many car enterprises, has enjoyed rapid development in the auto industry over the past seven years.

The school is now preparing to build practical training facilities, like a racing track and training bases. (Photo Credit: Changan Ford Racing Team)

“The total scale of the school is about 3,000 to 5,000 students, including undergraduates, a small amount of graduates and junior college students,” said Xia Hongwu, the institute director of the auto industry school in Jianghan University.

According to Xia, three kinds of teachers will be teaching at the school. There will be foreign teachers, racing professionals and local teachers. The majors offered include racing car mechanical engineering, racing car electronic engineering, leisure camp management, and racing car maintenance.