Dazzling East Lake Lantern Display

Lighting up Wuhan's skyline with a majestic light show!


March 2 marked the annual Lantern Festival and keeping with tradition, citizens were treated to a magical light show at the East Lake. As you wonder through the lantern lit paths, you will be taken on a visually spectacular tour through Chinese culture. Lotus flowers, animals from the Chinese zodiac and other characters from Chinese mythology as well as local legend are all featured and brilliantly glow against the Wuhan night sky.

You still have a couple of weeks to check it out! Get yourself to East Lake Liyuan entrance
(武昌区梨园广场). Admission is 60 RMB per person, with a 50% discount for students – so don’t forget your student card!

The festival will be on until March 31. I highly recommend going if you want to see more of what this great city has to offer!

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