Copihue for Chile – By Violette and Paul James

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful cause.

Lapageria rosea - Copihue by Paul James Kintas / Photo credits: Autumn

It is a great honor for Wuhan Social to actively participate in helping Chile battling the worst wildfires in its history and help all the people who wish to act upon this cause.

Copihue For Chile – By Paul James Kintas

Paul James – Photo credits: Autumn

British designer, artist and graphic design teacher at Wuhan University of Technology, Paul James Kintas has come up with the brilliant idea of creating an illustration in order to help raising funds from which 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Chile.

The Illustration: Lapageria Rosea – Copihue

Lapageria rosea – Copihue by Paul James Kintas / Photo credits: Autumn

This is an original signed, stamped watercolour and pencil illustration of the Copihue, the Chilean national flower, realised on Canson (36x48cm, 300g/m2 (140lbs) paper. The colours used represent the Chilean national flag’s colours whilst the painted area is in the shape of Chile country.
#为智利火灾筹款# 拍卖这幅智利国花和地图的插画(水彩/铅笔画,原画尺寸36×48cm),所有的收入将捐给慈善机构。

May The Auction Begin !

The painting is now ready to be auctioned. If you are interested in getting this amazing work, it’s easy:
Send your name, the amount of your bid, and your WeChat contact to Paul James ( before Saturday 18, midnight.
如果你感兴趣或有任何想法如何帮助这个拍卖,请联系 Paul James(。

At the end of the “Go Chile Charity Concert” organised at Jenn Lounge on Saturday 18, the person who will have the highest bid will win the illustration.

Update: Chile Wildfires Situation

President Michelle Bachelet has recently claimed the wildfires are now mostly under control due to the arrival of rains and dropping of temperatures in recent hours. Yet, statistics from the forestry agency shows that since the beginning of the fire season in July 2016, flames have burnt over a half million hectares across the country.

We all count on you. #GoChile

Violette R.
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