East Lake Bird World In Trial Operation


The East Lake Bird World, located in the Wuhan East Lake Ocean World, opened to the public on December 22 on a trial basis.

Formerly the East Lake Bird Forest, Bird World neighbors the Tingtao Scenic Area and the East Lake Greenway Phase II. The East Lake Bird Forest attracted thousands of visitors between 1998 and 2010 before its closure due to road construction.

As revealed by a staff member, Bird World has been shaped into a multi-functional theme park, which incorporates the popular programs of the old Bird Forest and adds some new creative ones. Visitors come for sightseeing, amusement, and science education. Additionally, scientists use the facilities for bird-breeding research.

Bird World multi-functional theme park

The Bird World will house more than 200 rare species, including Black Swan, Mandarin Duck, Great Hornbill and other birds as well as some adorable land animals like Giraffes, Kangaroos, and the Patagonian Mara