Escape the heatwave in Hubei 今天C位出道的湖北,一起读懂它

最近外交部在蓝色大厅向全球推介湖北. 这是湖北人最洋气骄傲的时刻之一 Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommended Hubei to the world at the Blue Hall and it was truly a proud moment for Hubei People.



Although we all live in different cities in Hubei,


we might not be familiar with all their features.


On China’s geographic and culture maps


there are no distinct labels


but has some hidden gems.


This is a mutually held view around Hubei & in the minds of most Wuhan citizens;


but not all of them


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Since ancient times Hubei has been at the heart of the Yangtze.


It has convenient transportation routes that enable it to become the transportation junction of the Middle Kingdom.


Hubei has an area covering 185,900


And a grand total of 17 cities,


All with variations in scenery, culinary habits and personalities.


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We have sorted these cities from largest to smallest


to present the stories that are well known by provincial citizens.


We reveal perspectives of Hubei you may not have realized were there


Ones that go beyond what you thought you already knew.



恩 施 ēn shī

腊肉 / 峡谷 / 炕土豆 / 土家族

Preserved meat/canyon/bacon potato/Tujia People

🚩 面积 | 24111km²   👪 人口 | 456万

Area: 24,111 km²    Population: 4.56 million

  • 恩施是湖北最大的城市,是最小的鄂州面积的15倍。
  • Enshi is the largest city in Hubei, with its area being 15 times of Ezhou, the smallest city.
  • 恩施腊肉用柏树枝熏,所以风味独特。
  • Enshi preserved meat is smoked by cypress twigs to create a unique flavor.
  • 恩施美食超多,炕土豆个小味甜;黄豆渣熬的合渣价廉味美,就地取材的各种野味山珍特别多。
  • Enshi is extremely rich in tasty foods, especially the locally sourced & wild kinds, such as small and sweet bacon potato as well as cheap and tasty bean-residue made from soybean dregs.
  • 今年东湖边的 “习莫会晤” 上,莫迪只喝了两款茶,全部来自恩施(利川红茶 / 恩施玉露。
  • During the meeting of China’s President Xi Jinping and India’s Premier Modi at the (Wuhan) East Lake this year, Mr. Modi only drank two kinds of tea: both are produced in Enshi (Lichuan black tea/Enshi Yulu).
  • 恩施大峡谷,是东方 “科罗拉多”,《刺客聂隐娘》取景地、《黑天鹅》导演首部纪录片的中国唯一取景地,是世界瞩目的人间秘境。
  • Enshi Grand Canyon-the film site of the movie The Assassin and the unique shooting location of the first documentary film of Black Swan (directed in China) is the Eastern “Colorado” and the fairyland in the world that draws worldwide attention.
  • 湖北省内少数民族最多的城市,其中土家族占比最大,达 45%。恩施新娘要 “哭嫁”,从出嫁前三个月开始哭,谁来哭谁,哭得不狠哭得不多的妹子,会被鄙视。
  • The largest number of ethnic minorities reside in this city in Hubei Province and Tujia has the largest population proportion of them (up to 45%). “Cry marriage” is a cultural tradition popular in Enshi. Despised brides in Enshi that do not try their best to cry should cry in front of everyone they meet three months prior to their wedding.


十 堰 shí yàn

张三丰 / 车城

Zhang Sanfeng/Vehicle City

🚩 面积 | 23680km²   👪 人口 | 346.2万

Area: 23,680 km²     Population: 3.462 million

  • 道教名山武当山所在地,太极拳创始人张三丰,就在此创门立派,走上人生巅峰。
  • The home of Wudang Mountain, a peak famous for Taoism and the foundation of Tai Chi by Zhang Sanfeng. It’s also where his style of martial arts was established and his life peaked.
  • 90 年代著名车都,民族大品牌二汽创始地,武汉人曾经最闪的富康都是从这里开出来的
  • It was a famous vehicle city in 90s and the initial base of the Second Automobile Manufacturer, a great national brand. The Fukang brand of automobiles shown off by Wuhan citizens all come from this area.
  • 荣登舌尖的房县小花菇,菇中明星,还被长征七号送至外太空种植。
  • The small flower mushroom growing in Fang County and documentary introduction in the documentary A Bite of China was in honor of the star mushrooms, which were also planted in outer space by the Long March-7 rocket.
  • 丹江口水库,中国南水北调中线水源地。每年为中国北方输送优质水源90多亿立方米,相当于5个英国泰晤士河的水量。
  • Danjiangkou reservoir is the location of a water source at the center of China’s South-to-North water diversion project. It conveys more than 9 billion cubic meters of high quality water to Northern China annually, an amount equivalent to five times that of that of the River Thames.
  • 郧县发现了 3000 余枚恐龙蛋化石,是中国规模最大的恐龙蛋化石群落。
  • Over 3,000 dinosaur egg fossils have been discovered in Yun, the largest fossil community of dinosaur eggs in China.



宜 昌 yí chāng

三峡 / 凉虾 / 脐橙 / 屈原

The Three Gorges/cool shrimp/navel orange/Qu Yuan

🚩 面积 | 21227km²   👪 人口 | 413万

Area: 21,227 km²    Population: 4.13 million

  • 宜昌三峡大坝,当今世界最大的水利发电工程。见了三峡泄洪,你才会懂,什么是真的壮观。
  • The Three Gorges Dam in Yichang is the world’s largest hydro power project. Only after watching flood discharge at the Three Gorges Dam will you understand the scale of this project.
  • 凉虾没有虾,萝卜饺子不是萝卜馅的饺子,它很大,像武汉的鸡冠饺。
  • “Cool shrimp” is not real shrimp and radish dumplings have no radish stuffing inside. They are big and similar to Wuhan Jiguan dumplings.
  • 秭归脐橙其实不是一个水果品类,产自秭归县的都叫秭归脐橙,有很多品种。
  • Zigui navel orange isn’t actually a fruit category. The oranges planted in Zigui County are all called Zigui navel orange and have many varieties.
  • 作为屈原故乡,秭归人一年要过三个端午节,集中在农历五月,先挂艾草再划龙舟最后拜屈原庙,所谓 “端阳大过年”,热闹得很。
  • As the hometown of Qu Yuan (famous poet from China’s Spring and Autumn Period), Zigui people celebrate three Dragon Boart Festivals in one year and they are all in May of the Chinese calendar. Firstly, wormwood is hung then comes the rowing of dragon boats and conclusive worship Qu Yuan temple. It is called “Dragon Boart Festival” just like Spring Festival”- full of lively atmosphere.
  • 宜昌到重庆万州的宜万铁路,因地处喀斯特地貌工程复杂,耗时 7 年才完工,是中国单公里修建时间最长的铁路。
  • The Yichang-Wanzhou Railway between Yichang and Wanzhou of Chongqing, the longest construction period for a single-kilometer in China, took seven years to be completed because of the complex engineering in karst area.
  • 宜昌人说话是特有儿化音,无聊 “无交过”、猪肉 “肉嘎嘎”、傻瓜 “暴暴儿”、干嘛 “搞嘛儿”。
  • The Yichang accent is featured with a special “rhotic accent”.



襄 阳 xiāng yáng

牛肉面 / 射雕 / 诸葛亮

Beef noodles/Eagle Shooting /Zhuge Liang

🚩 面积 | 19774.4km²   👪 人口 | 565.4万

Area: 19,774.4 km²    Population: 5.654 million

  • 北方回民牛肉和南方碱面融合,牛油厚,辣而香。咬口蒜,吃口面,再喝口黄酒才正宗。据说,武汉的襄阳牛肉面全都不正宗。
  • Xiangyang beef noodles with thick beef tallow, fragrant and spicy taste is the combination of northern Muslim beef and Southern soda noodles. The authentic eating manner is a cycle of garlic, noodles and yellow rice wine. Some say that none of Xiangyang beef noodle restaurants in Wuhan are authentic.
  • 辽金入中原、三国蜀魏之争、金庸笔下的射雕决战,都发生在这片土地。
  • Liao Dynasty and Jin Dynasty invaded Central Plains area, the war between Shu Kingdom and Wei Kingdom in the Three Kingdoms period and the decisive battle of eagle shooting in Jinyong’s kung fu novel all took place in this land.
  • 过去 20 年里,襄阳四中、五中诞生了 10 位高考状元。
  • Over the last 20 years, there have been 10 top scorers in college entrance exams born in Xiangyang: No. 4 Middle School and Xiangyang No. 5 Middle School.
  • 隐居隆中的诸葛亮,被刘备三顾茅庐 ,引发《隆中对》。传说由诸葛亮发明的孔明菜,芥辣味,得劲儿。
  • Zhuge Liang was a famous statesman and militarist in the Three Kingdoms period. He lived in seclusion and is the author of Longzhong Strategies. He was invited by Liu Bei (founder of Shu Kingdom) to assist him three times from Zhuge Liang’s thatched cottage. It is said that Kongming dishes invented by Zhuge Liang are featured with a strong mustard hot taste.
  • 从商周留存至今的北街,见证了襄阳历史的变迁,是古城的重要符号。
  • The North Street has a history that can be traced back to Shang and Zhou Dynasties and have witnessed the changes of Xiangyang history. It’s also a significant symbol of the ancient city.



黄 冈 huáng gāng

密卷 / 将军

Secret examination paper/generals

🚩 面积 | 17453km²   👪 人口 | 810万

Area: 17,453 km²    Population: 8.1 million

  • 黄冈密卷,学霸的福音学渣的噩梦,但黄冈密卷和黄冈中学毛关系没有,它是一位黄冈籍的教授出版的而已。
  • Huanggang secret examination paper is a good gift for smart students and a nightmare for their less studious peers. However, it has no relationship with Huanggang Middle School only a book whose author is a professor born in Huanggang.
  • 但黄冈中学这个让人闻风丧胆的名校,确实厉害,常年保持高考 98% 升学率和 75% 的重点大学录取率。
  • Nevertheless, Huanggang Middle School is an extremely powerful elite school that always keeps a rate of 98% for college enrollment, 75% of which have key university at national level.
  • 黄冈红安县出了 249 位将军,江湖人称 “将军县”,其中包括董必武和李先念。
  • There were 249 CPC generals that came from Hongan County of Huanggang, so it is known as “general’s county”. Dong Biwu (great CPC politician) and Li Xiannian (great CPC politician and militarist) are two among many others.
  • 中国五大戏之一的黄梅戏,发源于黄冈黄梅,发展壮大却是在安徽安庆,sad。
  • Huangmei Opera, one of five Chinese operas, originated from Huangmei Huanggang and has been developed in Anqing City, Anhui Province.
  • 苏东坡贬谪黄州,在这里写下《赤壁赋》。
  • Su Dongpo (famous poet and politician in North Song Dynasty) wrote The Red Cliff Ode here when he was relegated to Huangzhou.
  • 人间四月天,麻城看杜鹃,魔音绕耳的广告,武汉人都会念。
  • Wuhan people can tell you about the advertising slogan “When in tender April, people will watch cuckoo at Macheng City” for its magic sound.
  • 红安天台寺有一支 “佛乐男子天团”,70 多岁的老方丈毕业于武汉音乐学院,组团演出弦乐四重奏无压力。
  • Tiantai Temple of Hongan County has a “Buddhist Musical Orchestra”. Over 70 years old abbot who graduated from Wuhan Music College has no stress to establish an orchestra to perform a string quartet.
  • 中国禅宗祖庭六座,黄冈独占四枚,简直阿弥陀佛的祖师爷。
  • Four out of six Zen ancestral temples (ones that can be viewed as origins of Chinese Buddha) are located in Huanggang.


荆 州 jīng zhōu

三国 / 分洪 / 早酒

The Three Kingdoms/flood diversion/drinking in the morning

🚩 面积 | 14104km²   👪 人口 | 690万

Area: 14,104 km²    Population: 6.9 million

  • Some of the well-known stories of the Three Kingdoms period took place here, such as “Liu Bei brow Jingzhou area” and “Guan Yu (Liu Bei’s sworn brother and general) lost Jingzhou area”.
  • 万里长江,险在荆江,1998 年特大洪水,33 万荆江分洪区人民大迁移,永远离开家乡。
  • The most dangerous location of Yangtze River is at Jing River. 330,000 people in the Jing River’s flood-diversion area migrated and left their hometown after the great flood in 1998.
  • 荆州人喝早酒,而且是高度白酒,一锅牛杂配二两白酒,跟兄弟伙推杯换盏完毕,才开始新的一天。
  • Jingzhou people are used to doses of early morning liquor. A new day begins after Jingzhou men have drunk up several cups of liquor and eaten up pots of beef offal with their fellows.
  • 曾是上世纪 90 年代 “十大匪城”,现在已经是文明旅游城市。
  • It was one of “ten robber cities” in the 90s, but now it has become a civilized tourism city.
  • 全国的三个国家级麋鹿自然保护区里,荆州石首的天鹅洲保护区是唯一一个不对公众开放的。
  • Among three national level elk natural reserves, Tianezhou Natural Reserve of Shishou in Jingzhou is the unique one that is closed to the public.
  • 荆州古城墙诞生在春秋战国,以青砖和米浆砌筑,是全中国保存最完好的四座古城墙之一。
  • An ancient wall was built in the Spring and Autumn periods, which was constructed with black bricks and rice milk and one of the four best-preserved ancient walls in China.


荆 门 jīng mén

古墓 / 油菜花 / 盘龙菜

Ancient tombs/rape flower/dragon food

🚩 面积 | 12404km²   👪 人口 | 340万

Area: 12,404 km²    Population: 3.4 million

  • 明显陵是明朝最大的皇陵,它的墓主却没有当过皇帝。
  • Xianling Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty is the largest imperial tomb of Ming Dynasty, but its owner was not an Emperor.
  • 荆门沙洋的油菜花不仅好看,产量高于全国平均产值 1.5 倍。湖北油菜产量多年位居全国第一。
  • The rape flower of Shayang in Jingmen is not only beautiful but also has 1.5 times the yield of the national average value. The output of rape seed in Hubei Province has ranked #1 in China for many years.
  • 世界罕见的濒危生物桃花水母,在漳河水库里出没,因为这里水质特别好。
  • Rare and endangered species of the world’s freshwater jellyfish live in Zhang River reservoir because of its high quality water.



咸 宁 xián níng

温泉 / 赤壁

Hot spring/Red Cliff

🚩 面积 | 9861km²   👪 人口 | 253.5万

Area: 9,861 km²    Population: 2.535 million

  • 咸宁从宋朝起就是全国著名温泉之乡,地下遍布 50℃ 热水。
  • Xianning has been the nationwide famous hometown of hot springs since the Song Dynasty, with 50℃ hot water buried below the surface.
  • 掀翻大明帝国的 “闯王” 李自成,兵败山海关后,最终逃到咸宁九宫山,不知所踪。
  • Li Zicheng, the “Emperor” that overthrew the great Ming Empire disappeared after he was defeated at the Shanhai Pass and eventually escaped to Jiugong Mountain in Xianning.
  • 三国赤壁之战就在咸宁赤壁。苏东坡写《赤壁赋》时误把黄州当成了赤壁,从此黄州成了 “文赤壁”。
  • The Battle of Red Cliff happened in Red Cliff (Xianning). Su Dongpo took Huangzhou as Red Cliff by mistake when he wrote The Red Cliff Ode, so Huangzhou became “Red Cliff in ode” since that time.
  • 1998 年大洪水时湖北受灾最严重,小姑娘江珊抱树求生的簰洲湾,就在咸宁嘉鱼。江珊如今在襄阳铁路当警察。
  • Hubei was severely flooded in 1998. The Paizhouwan was made famous as the place where a young girl Jiang Shan survived the floods of ’98 by embracing a tree for survival. The are is located in Jiayu (Xianning). Jiang Shan is now a policewoman serving at Xiangyang Railway.


随 州 suí zhōu

银杏 / 编钟

Ginkgo/chime bell

🚩 面积 | 9636km²   👪 人口 | 258万

Area: 9,636 km²    Population: 2.58 million

  • 湖北省博物馆的曾侯乙编钟,是从随州挖来的。编钟至今还能演奏,而这块墓地当年险些被炸掉。
  • Chime-bells of Marquis Yi of Zeng in Hubei Provincial Museum was excavated in Suizhou. The Chime bells can be used to play music nowadays and the tomb was nearly demolished that year.
  • 随州洛阳镇千年银杏谷,世界四大银杏群落之一,《刺客聂隐娘》取景地。
  • The millennium ginkgo valley in Luoyang Town of Suizhou is where the The Assassin film was shot (one of the four ginkgo communities).
  • 大洪山金顶上有一座慈恩寺,寺庙里有一座和尚管理的图书馆,这可能是湖北海拔最高的图书馆。
  • There is temple named Ci’en Temple on the golden point of Dahong Mountain and there is a library managed by the monks. It may be the library with the highest elevation in Hubei.
  • 唐宋时大洪山寺庙扎堆,战乱中,一批和尚来到了武昌东山,将东山更名 “小洪山”,武汉宝通禅寺由此而生。
  • There were full of temples on the Dahong Mountain during Tang and Song Dynasties. Some monks came to the East Mountain seeking refuge from war and they renamed the East Mountain “Xiaohong Mountain” so the Baotong Zen Temple of Wuhan arose from this.


孝 感 xiào gǎn

米酒 / 麻糖 / 董永七仙女

Rice wine/sesame seed candy/the legend of Dong Yong and Seven Fairies

🚩 面积 | 8910km²   👪 人口 | 530万

Area: 8,910 km²    Population: 5.3 million

  • 孝感名字源于卖身葬父、感天动地的董永。可以说是全中国最感人的城市。
  • Arguably the most moving city in China:The name of Xiaogan originated from moving the ancient Dong Yong who was willing to be a slave for the cost of burying his father.
  • 李白 26 岁时在安陆结婚,从这里开始漫游中国。《黄鹤楼送孟浩然之广陵》就是他从安陆赶到武昌送别孟浩然,按照骑马计算,大概要走 10 小时。
  • Li Bai (the most famous poet in Tang Dynasty) tied the knot in Anlu when he was 26 and began his journey around China. Seeing Meng Haoran off at Yellow Crane Tower in Guangling describes the sense that he traveled from Anlu to Wuchang to see off Meng Haoran. His horse-ride took him roughly 10 hours.
  • 安陆白兆山有一座巨大李白雕塑,高 20 米,相当于 7 层楼,自带避雷针。
  • Baitao Mountain of Anlu has a huge Li Bai sculpture with lightning rod and a massive height off 20 meters-a height equivalent to a 7 floor building.
  • 安陆钱冲的古银杏群落,千年古树 48 株,树王已有 3 千多岁,发芽时还是遥远的周朝。
  • The ancient ginkgo community of Qianchong in Anlu has 48 millennium ancient trees, which has the 3,000 + year old “Tree King” and budded in the far period of the Zhou Dynasty.
  • 孝感盛产米酒,因为当地的朱湖糯米最适合酿造米酒。湖北方言叫米酒 “伏汁酒”,因为它需要三伏天高温发酵,和服(毛)子(巾)没什么关系。
  • Xiaogan is rich in rice wine because the local Zhuhu glutinous rice is the most suitable material for brewing it. In Hubei dialect, rice wine is called “Fuzhi wine” for it needs hot fermentation in dog days.
  • 亚洲最大的卫生纸生产基地就在孝感,一年能产32万吨卫生纸。
  • Asia’s biggest toilet paper production base is in Xiaogan, with an annual output as high as 320,000 tons.


武 汉 wǔ hàn

热干面 / 鸭脖 / 大桥

Hot-and-dry noodles/duck neck/grand bridge

🚩 面积 | 8494.4km²   👪 人口 | 1089.3万

Area: 8,494.4 km²    Population: 10.893 million

  • 九省通衢的武汉,C 位出道,水陆空交通辐射大半个中国,也只有在这里,才能直航全球四大洲。
  • Wuhan is regarded as a thoroughfare of nine provinces and is in the central position. Its water, land and air traffic radiate over half of China. It is the only place where direct routes can be made to four continents.
  • 武汉的热干面就要边走边嗦才 “玩味”,豆皮就是要吃出锅一口脆的。
  • It’s only by eating while walking that you’ll truly experience the taste of Wuhan hot-and-dry noodles. Toufu skin is delightful when crisp.
  • 中国四大科教中心城市之一,多厉害?高校 88 所,在校大学生 150 万,世界第一。
  • Wuhan is one of four major science and technology cities and an education hub.
    How influential is it? It ranks first worldwide with 88 colleges and universities with 1.5 million students in colleges and universities。
  • 武汉诞生了长江上第一座公铁两用大桥,引得 90 年代 “大桥” 商标广受热捧,“大桥味精”、“大桥缝纫机”,风靡一时。
  • The first road and railway bridge on the Yangtze River were built in Wuhan, so the “Great Bridge” trademark became widely popular in the 90s, such as the “Great Bridge monosodium glutamate” and the “Great Bridge sewing machine” which briefly rose to fame.
  • 武汉人对鸭脖爱得痴狂,2011 年数据显示,武汉人一年吃掉 1 亿只鸭,而全省一年产鸭不到 8000 万只,缺口 2000 万。
  • Wuhan people are crazy about duck neck. According to research data from 2011, Wuhan people ate 100 million ducks that year, while the province produced less than 80 million ducks- leaving a significant gap of 20 million.



黄 石 huáng shí

矿坑 / 港饼 / 劲酒

Pit/Gang Pie/Jin Liquor

🚩 面积 | 4583km²   👪 人口 | 246.6万

Area: 4,583 km²    Population: 2.466 million

  • “黄石” 名字指黄色的石头,因为它地下全是铜矿、金矿。铜矿藏量占湖北的 90%,金矿占 80%。“亚洲第一坑” 是亚洲最大采矿遗迹。它也是青铜文明的发祥地之一。
  • The name “Huangshi” refers to yellow stone because it’s underground is full of copper and gold ore. Its copper deposits account for 90% of Hubei’s supply while gold ores account for 80%. “Asia’s first pit” is Asia’s largest mining site. It was also one of the cradles of bronze civilization.
  • 但,黄石地下的矿已经快挖完了,现在是资源枯竭转型城市。
  • But, the ore resources under Huangshi are almost exhausted. It is now a resource depleted and transformed city.
  • 全国知名的劲酒,小时候吃的黄石港饼,就诞生在黄石。
  • Nationally known Jing liquor and Huangshi Gang pie (eaten by someone in their childhood days) were all born in Huangshi.
  • “西塞山前白鹭飞,桃花流水鳜鱼肥” 的西塞山,就在黄石。
  • The Xisai Mountain described by the verse: “The egrets are flying in front of Xisai Mountain and large Mandarin fish swim in the flowing water floating with peach blossom petals”; is located in Huangshi.



神农架 shén nóng jià

野人 / 滑雪 / 大九湖

Savages/skiing/Dajiu Lake

🚩 面积 | 3253km²   👪 人口 | 7.7万

Area: 3,253 km²    Population: 77,000

  • 神农架的名字意思是,神农氏曾在这里搭木架子爬山尝百草。
  • The name of Shengnongjia means that Shengnongshi (a legendary Chinese ancestor) used to build wooden scaffold to climb mountains and taste all kinds of Chinese herbs.
  • 这里地广人稀,遍布原始森林,直到 20 世纪 80 年代才被人类开发。武汉的人口密度是它的 53 倍。
  • It’s sparsely populated and covered with primeval forests that weren’t developed until the 1980s. The population density of Wuhan is 53x bigger.
  • 神农架主峰神农顶,是华中最高峰。
  • Shennongding, is the highest peak in Central China.
  • 这里中草药特多。“头顶一颗珠”、“江边一碗水”、“文王一支笔”、七叶一枝花” 是最著名的 4 种草药名字。此外还有 “死亡还阳草”。
  • There are many Chinese herbs here: “a pearl on head”, “a bowel of water beside river”, “a brush of King Wen” and “a flower among seven leaves”. These are names of the four most famous Chinese herbs. It also includes “revived herb”.
  • 神农架每年5月底才下完最后一场雪。“冬天” 长达大半年。
  • The last snowfall in Shengnongjia is towards the end of May. “Winter” lasts for more than half a year.
  • 据说,密林里会邂逅可爱的红毛野人。
  • It is said that you might meet lovely red haired savages in the forest.



天 门 tiān mén


Home town of overseas Chinese

🚩 面积 | 2622km²   👪 人口 | 163.4万

Area: 2,622 km²    Population: 1.634 million

  • 天门是中国内陆最大的侨乡,旅居国外的天门老乡达 28 万,分布在 40 多个国家和地区,传说新加坡国父李光耀的祖籍就是天门。
  • Tianmen is the largest home town of overseas Chinese in inland China. The number of Tianmen citizens in foreign countries is as high as 280,000, distributed in more than 40 countries and regions.
    It is said that Tianmen is the hometown of the founding father of Singapore Lee Kuan Yew’s ancestor.
  • 这里是茶仙陆羽的故乡,他写出了中国第一本《茶经》。
  • This is the hometown of tea fairy Lu Yu who wrote China’s first Tea Book.
  • 天门人坐高铁得去仙桃西站,仙桃人反而要去天门南站,据说是两地当年为了占地而故意将火车站修到“争议地盘”上。
  • Tianmen citizens go to West Xiantao Station to take the high-speed railway, while Xiaotao citizens have to go to South Tianmen Station to take the high-speed railway. It is said that the two places deliberately built the railway stations into a “disputed area” for the purpose of occupying land.


仙 桃 xiān táo

体操 / 蒸菜 / 雷军

Gymnastics/steamed dish/Lei Jun

🚩 面积 | 2538km²   👪 人口 | 156.4万

Area: 2,538 km²    Population: 1.564 million

  • 体操名将李大双、李小双、杨威都是仙桃人,这里是亚洲体操之乡。
  • The great gymnasts Li Dashuang, Li Xiaoshuang and Yang Wei are all from Xiantao- the home of Asian gymnastics.
  • 曾名沔阳的仙桃,不止 “沔阳三蒸”,在这里,一切都可以粉蒸。
  • Xiantao with its old name “Mianyang” not only has Three Mianyang Steamed Dishes, but can also steam all dishes with rice powder.
  • 小米创始人雷军乡土气息的 “仙普”,是 IT 大佬里最接地气的口音。
  • MIUI founder Lei Jun’s “Mandarin with Xiantao accent” is the most down-to-earth accent among all IT bosses.
  • 仙桃人发明了麻将 “晃晃”打法,7 个人轮流转,随打随走。武汉的麻将室因此叫“晃晃室”。
  • Xiantao natives came up with the “Huanghuang” method of playing Mahjong, in which 7 people can play in turn and the players can leave at any time. So Mahjong rooms in Wuhan are called “Huanghuang room”.



潜 江 qián jiāng

小龙虾 / 油田

Crayfish/oil field

🚩 面积 | 2004km²   👪 人口 | 96.2万

Area: 2,004 km²   Population: 962,000

  • 潜江是和盱 xū 眙 yí 并称的 “中国小龙虾之乡”。2017 年潜江小龙虾养殖面积相当于 10 个东湖,产虾 10 万吨。相当于 6 亿盆油焖大虾。
  • Qianjiang and Xuyi are all called as “China’s crayfish home”. In 2017, the area for aquatic breeding of crayfish in Qiangjiang was equal to 10 East Lakes, with a crayfish output of 100,000 tons. It is equal to 600 million dishes of braised crayfish.
  • 小龙虾是潜江的灵魂,每年 “龙虾之夜” 音乐节上,能看到迪克牛仔、张宇、齐秦、周传雄之类的童年经(guò)典(qì)明星。
  • The crayfish is the soul of Qiangjiang. In every year’s “Crayfish Night” music festival, we can find Dick and Cowboy, Zhang Yu, Qi Qin, Zhou Chuanxiong and other singers who were once popular in someone’s childhood.


鄂 州 è zhōu


Hair Crab in Liangzi Lake

🚩 面积 | 1594m²   👪 人口 | 130万

Area: 1,594 m²    Population: 1.3 million

  • 它曾经叫 “武昌”,直到民国时 “武昌” 才成为如今武昌的名字。你在古书里看到的 “武昌”(比如曹操和苏轼的诗里)其实都是鄂州。
  • It was once called “Wuchang”. It was not until the Republic of China that “Wuchang” became the name of today’s Wuchang. The “Wuchang” you find in ancient books (such as Cao Cao and Su Dongpo’s poems) is actually Ezhou.
  • 鄂州还是三国时孙权建立吴国地方。顺便说一句,孙权的吴国比吴王夫差的吴国晚了 600 多年,根本不是一回事。
  • Ezhou is also the place that Sun Quan established Wu Kingdom in the Three Kingdoms period.
    By the way: the state of Wu of Sun Quan is more than 600 years later than that of the Wu King Fu Chai’s Wu. They are definitely different.
  • 著名的 “武昌鱼” 的家乡其实是鄂州。正宗 “武昌鱼” 是指鄂州梁子湖里的团头鲂。
  • The home of famous “Wuchang fish” is Ezhou. The authentic “Wuchang Bream” refers to the blunt-snout bream in the Liangzi Lake of Ezhou.
  • 梁子湖是湖北第二大湖(最大的是洪湖),面积相当于 11 个东湖。这里的螃蟹是湖北人的 “阳澄湖大闸蟹”。
  • Liangzi Lake is the second largest lake in Hubei (the largest being the Hong Lake), covering an area equivalent to 11 East Lakes. The crab here is Hubei citizen’s “Yangcheng Lake hair Crab”.

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