As the most luxurious mail ship of the 20th century, Titanic was a miracle of technology, capital, manpower, and time. At that time, people from all walks of life were eager to take this ship. Its hugeness, its sinking, and more than 1,500 victims of various classes, including the world’s richest men, all of these made the sinking of Titanic a big news and became a pain, which can be never forgotten by the world.

In 1985, Titanic wreck was successfully located and salvaged. It took 30 years to get 5,500 pieces of precious relics and shipwrecks by 8 salvages and countless divings into 3800 meters deep.

This Titanic Artifact Exhibition, undertaken by Hangu Art Gallery from Premier Exhibitions, elaborately selected 302 pieces of real artifacts on the Titanic. And through special protection and treatment, these artifacts become what we see now. The exhibition is divided into five parts: shipbuilding and sailing, life on board, icebergs and rescue, underwater discovery, and commemoration. With models, scene restoration, etc., it gives the visitors an opportunity to face the history of the shipwreck. Why it’s sinking caused a sensation in the world. Why was it repeatedly mentioned in later literature and movies? Let the artifacts themselves tell the story. Using an immersive exhibition method, Hangu Art Gallery provides the most appropriate aesthetic distance without adding subjective meaning. The imagination and interpretation of the exhibition will be done by yourself!