Wuhan Summer Festival

Presented by Dreamweaver, is a spectacular event where carnival meets cross-genre beach and music festival. Wuhan Summer Festival provides something for everyone in an inclusive environment where the only dress code is to wear a smile. With a multitude of activities in one breathtaking venue, it will surely be one to remember.

Activities include:
Performances from the best foreign and Chinese artists in Wuhan
A Beach side fashion show, showcasing the latest in summer wear
A variety of exhibitions guaranteed to tickle your fancy
Dance performances from the freshest young talent around
An 8km Marathon for the Athletes.
And an All Night Full Moon Party, to drink and dance the night away

Start Your Summer the Right Way

At the Wuhan Summer Festival

Location: 湖北省武汉市江夏区梁子湖大道特1号(梁子湖北岸龙湾半岛)

For more details
Telephone: 13277093133
Wechat ID: yankhom