F-Park Music, Art & Culture Festival: Recap

A weekend of international music, colorful art & diverse cultural displays


Until last weekend, most you had never heard of or been to F-Park. It’s a new shopping plaza in Wuchang district, less than a minute’s walk away from the Yangjiawan subway station Exit D. Featuring familiar international stores like Walmart, Starbucks and Miniso as well as places like Arabica Cafe and MeToo Club, F-Park will be the next hangout spot and go-to party scene in Wuhan.


 On the 8th & 9th of September WuhanSocial, ThinkTank, Eco Global Trading and F-Park hosted a music, art and cultural festival to commemorate this new location. This two-day festival was well attended by both expats and the local community, united under an umbrella of a shared love of music, art and cultural diversity.

 After an official ceremony to kick-off the festival on the morning of 8 September, local bands such as MMC and SAYE shared the stage with the Drumstyle Band from Madagascar and the med-school quartet Gravity Hearts.

Between 5pm-9pm of each festival day, F-Park’s outdoor corridors were adorned with color.

Diverse crowds lined-up in front the numerous exhibition stalls, eager to get a look at the good son offer at each stall. The expat community was well represented in F-Park’s exhibition stalls: drawn and painted artwork, henna and beaded jewelry, shawarma and pancakes, ice-cream and designer clothing & accessories as well as Sierra Tequila frozen margaritas courtesy of Aqualand and Eco Global.

Established in 2011, Eco Global Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. provides a premium selection of soft drinks, spirits and beverages from all around the world, targeting the young sophisticated drinkers with a desire to try new things.

In-between the buzz of exhibition stalls, crowds on Friday the 8th were treated to displays of international cultural performances from Madagascar, Vietnam and South Africa.