Another branch of the A+ brand, A+ Live is bringing the clubbing scene to HanJie. With the exception of Jenn Lounge, HanJie can seem like a ghost town in terms of nightlife and bars, which is why the A+ Live is a much needed addition to the street, providing an after party for your evening drinks.

A full view of all the bars, tables and chairs within the venue.
The current A+ live bar layout, soon to be turned into a club dance floor

Originally designed as a typical upmarket Chinese bar, focused on seating and drinking, they are soon to remodel for a different atmosphere. The currently small dance floor will be made bigger to dominate the space and the small bars will be replaced by a singular large one. A month from now, the space will be completely transformed into a club aimed at local and international party-goers. They have hired both a foreign and Chinese manager to widen their network within Wuhan and international the club.

People sat around the bar, on bar stools and tables under the lights and TV screens
A snapshot of the bar, before the dancing begins

Drinks and Shisha
The A+ brand has a reputation for being expensive in Wuhan, the hang out of the rich Chinese. A+ Live however is perfect for a more modest budget, with bottles of imported beer starting at 20RMB and cocktails around 50RMB, drinks are affordable and within a great price range for students. They have an extensive menu and often include promotions on the weekends such as 50% discounts or free drinks for ladies.

four guests laugh and smile behind the bar while drinking
Smiling and talking behind the famous A+ Live shisha

A+ Live boasts an excellent service, with multiple bars between the seating and table service, yet the bars often have only one or no bartenders behind them and as staff are moving around they become harder to locate. Getting served a drink this way can be difficult, especially for foreigners as staff do not speak English. Receiving a drink might take a while so be prepared to wait.

Guests order drinks at the bar
Guests order drinks at the bar

They are also well known for their shisha, which can be brought to your table, set up and maintained by their trained servers. Table service is what is supposed to set A+ live apart from its counterparts, with staff milling around and bringing drinks directly to your table but I think it is the live performances that give this place it’s edge.

As you might guess from its name, A+ live is made for live entertainment, hosting a range of performances. The night began with a Chinese band, but switched to a DJ at midnight while people began to hit the dance floor. They have three in house DJs, all with different styles to keep the energy up throughout the night. Each DJ has their own sound, playing through house to hip hop to electro throughout the night, aiming to keep everyone happy with their favourite tracks at some point in the party.

The first act, singing Chinese pop songs
The first act, singing Chinese pop songs

The star attraction for most are the Brazilian dancers. With elaborate (but minimal) costumes, they are a wild and fun addition to the night and add something different to the other clubs in Wuhan. The whole place has an air of a bigger city nightlife, similar to the models that dance on Shanghai club stages and bars, A+ Live carries a performative, luxury vibe.

Women in head dress and elaborate and revealing pink costume dances
A Brazilian dancer takes to the floor in a shimmering bikini

five people stand with their arms around each other in the clubA man makes the peace sign in the air while the crowd dances at the club in the backgrounda man raises his arms above the crowd on the dancefloor and smiles

Isabelle Scott
Isabelle is a student at Hubei University. She is currently learning Mandarin Chinese and loves reading and writing about everything China. Originally from the UK, she never stays away from the Middle Kingdom for too long, as this is her fourth trip to China, after previously working as a journalist in Shanghai.