Fight for the last slice at Wuhan’s local pizzarias

The pizza in Wuhan just got awesomer.


Pizzas are a staple for many Western travellers, and Wuhan has a lot of expats looking for pizzas. Pizza is a little taste of home, a link to sanity and the “real world.” So the question arises: where can one get a good pizza in Wuhan?

For the traveller who doesn’t care, try Pizza Hut or Papa Johns. They are spread all over the city and are almost impossible to avoid. However, for those seeking alternative culinary experiences, Wuhan has quite a lot of restaurants and bars that offer pizza.

That is not to say that all the offers should be accepted. In fact, many pizzas seem to come straight out of a Stephen King horror story, and are downright unfriendly to the stomach. However, there are some noticeable exceptions that stand out from the crowd.

Noi Mediterraneo is a lifestyle-driven casual Italian restaurant, pizzeria and bar that incorporates the Italian passion for life, food and drinks. its design combines the charm and hospitality of a cozy, tasteful eatery with the comfort and warmth of a typical Italian coffee. Here at noi Mediterraneo, we strive to create a warm and welcoming 'home' by serving the best...
Bubble Lab is a charming brewpub located in the heart of Wuhan. It specializes in the beloved India Pale Ale and offers a great selection of American bourbons and authentic western cuisine. It has become well known since it's opening in early 2015, not only for it's highly awarded craft beers and food, but also for it's foreign-friendly atmosphere...


COMMUNE has a collection of more than 200 kinds of beer from around the world as well as a wide selection of popular spirits and sparkling wine. With great beverages, there is renewed focus on great food products such as oversized pizzas, high quality steaks, and more delicious snacks all at a great value. COMMUNE will be open every day...

Emma’s Pizza

A decent pizza place with reasonable prices in Wuchang. Emma herself lived abroad and can speak English. She is often at the store and they can do delivery.