Wuhan-Europe Trains bring goods for sale directly to Wuhan!

Citizens picking imported wine at direct-sale store. (photo by Hu Dongdong)

On February 10, the first direct-sale store for imported goods shipped by Wuhan-Europe cargo trains opened on Minquan Road in Hankou. Now Wuhan residents can buy goods shipped by the cargo train right in the city.

The store manager, Qian Liuyun, says the store started preparing, decorating, and stocking it over a month ago. Now the shelves are loaded with goods from countries such as France, Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Most of the goods arrived in Wuhan on January 28. The latest batch of goods is going through customs now and will be ready for sale in a week. These shipments are bringing many exciting products to Wuhan. Take imported red wine, for instance. Currently, 16 varieties from Bordeaux, France are available. There will be more than 40 varieties later, with each bottle selling for RMB 100 to RMB 2,000. Some of the varieties (mostly high-end ones priced at over RMB 1,000) are 30% cheaper than comparable wines in other stores.

In the near future, with the continual operation of Wuhan-Europe trains and the further opening of ports, more goods like high-precision German tools, black beer, sports goods from global brands, and milk powders will enter the lives of Wuhan’s citizens.