Flower Power 💐 Introducing Carol’s Flower Work

    Roses are red, Violets are blue; Carol's flowers are really fragrant, will you buy some too?


    After years of traveling around the world and a roller-coaster ride of experiences, young Florist Carol realized how rich a collection of memories she had from adventures in different countries and cultures. She slowly pieced these memories together with gifts and artifacts from her travel days to create Carol’s Flower Work.

    Working as a Florist has allowed Carol to combine a creative spirit with diverse experiences and express a special inner feeling one gets from looking at, smelling and being around flowers.

    Carol’s Flower Work Studio – aesthetic yet practical

    Carol’s work studio space has been maximized and kept simple. The first floor is her designated work area for customer orders and floral salons. A short flight of stairs takes you up to a private meeting space. Massive French window panes keep the studio warm and well-lit.

    The studio’s beauty is in the simplistic, blue designs and its ability to keep a sense of calm & openness, allowing you to dig deep draw inspiration from natural light. It’s also a harmonious balance of style & light that make the room seem bigger and florists more at ease when working.

    “When inspiration hits, distance and time are no issue.”

    There’s beauty in turning abstract ideas into creative floral designs, while fulfilling a client’s need. Carol thrives on opportunities to be part of new floral projects and chances to not only see but experience unconventional designs from the idea stage to the final product. With years of experience both in China and internationally, Carol warmly welcomes creative minds to be part of her salons and share her passion for floral art work.

    Floral Categories

    Mono Bouquets
    Sizes: small / medium / large
    Price(¥): 188 / 288 / 388

     Mixed Bouquet
    Sizes: small / medium / large
    Price(¥): 288 / 388 / 488

    Bridal Sets
    Sizes: Customized according to order requirements
    Prices start at ¥288

    Floral Gifts & Basket Bouquets
    Sizes: small / medium / large
    Price(¥): 288 / 388/ 488

    Box Sets
    Size: large
    Price(¥): 388

    Floral Salons
    -minimum of 4 orders

    Floral Decoration & Customized Designs
    -price and size based on order specifications

    When ordering:

    • Choose a color or flower type
    • Let us know the occasion or place the flowers will be setup
    • Make a payment online to complete your order
    • Flowers delivered according to the address provided & scheduled time delivery time

    Prices usually increase during national holidays and may not be as stated in the catalogues above. Once in a while, there are special bouquets and services on offer, so follow our WeChat Account for updates!

    Delivery Times: 10am-4pm

    For orders contact 185 0711 7553 or Scan the QR Code below.

    Carol’s Flower Work-Service QR Code

    Carol Flower Work Studio
    Address: 湖北省武汉市江汉区长江日报路28号