Wuhan’s Food Deliveryman Get Pimped Up! 当快递小哥西装革履地拍起时尚画报

快递小哥哥们都有西装了,你呢? Wuhan couriers all have suits. How about you?



Only by breaking free from your inherent image can you discover a new self…



The Déjà vu (apparent phenomena) that the wearer seems to be serious, well-educated and refined, with a gentlemanly demeanor and authority- a stereotypical elitist image is undoubtedly the common perception and understanding of most people about suits nowadays. Even some people think that no matter how one takes care to dress themselves in a suit, it gives them an upper-class image, causing some people to instinctively refuse to wear a suit in our “daily” life.



When it comes to the habit of wearing a suit, black is the first choice for most as they think that black clothes are suitable for formal occasions, which also reflects another phenomenon: suits are only worn on formal occasions. In fact, a suit is only a choice of dressing yourself up. You can either try a suit of other colors or wear it on various occasions.


As a rightful messenger of fashion, how can Kanye Omari West turn a blind eye to the suit that is prejudiced against? Today, we join hands with BAYSWATER and invite three ordinary men to make one of the most unexpected changes. On a normal day they are a Meituan on-demand deliveryman, an assistant station master and a workshop employee of Dongfeng Nissan respectively. They will set an example for us by wearing a suit, promoting suits and customization to go into our daily life, and no longer become serious and tedious.





Name: Xiang Guijun

Age: 27

身高:170cm 体重:58kg
Height: 170 cm Weight: 58 kg

Occupation: Meituan deliveryman




I see his assured eyes when the curtain is drawn open.

He says calmly to me, How about this? Is it okay? He feels quite relaxed in this dark blue suit with a retro jacquard shawl collar.

The suit is well tailored and fitted with a comfortable white shirt and a tie in the same color, making him mature but not dull, with a hint of sauciness in his stylish deportment. In front of the camera, his sword-shaped eyebrows and glistening eyes make him look both smart and relaxed.



Name: Wu Kang

Age: 26

身高:175cm 体重:69kg
Height: 175cm Weight: 69 kg

Occupation: Assistant Station Master (Simenkou), Meituan





The tough-looking station-master with well-defined features pushes open the wooden door of the fitting room and after a while, a saturated and bright blue suit leaps into my sight.

Two buttons are undone randomly for the white shirt against the stiff outline of the suit, bringing vitality to the whole shape, without any sense of dullness. His healthy, swarthy skin color simply adds an unruly charm to this suit.



Name: Cui Chen

Age: 23

身高:179cm 体重:68kg
Height:179cm Weight: 68 kg

Occupation: Dongfeng Honda employee



The introverted but unobtrusive purplish-blue matching white stripes are the first choice for various occasions. They blend the purity of white with the melancholy of blue.

The lilac-colored shirt inside adds a finishing touch to the entire suit.

Cui Chen looks like a quiet teenager in the sunshine of a mid-day Summer with a gloomy beauty inadvertently emanating from his gentle manner.



Through years of experience accumulated in high-end customization, BAYSWATER has established its own advanced customization has established its own archives: Through the shaping of fabric, outline, proportion and details, BAYSWATER integrates personality into classic modeling.

Through a series of tailor-made apparel, BAYSWATER can endow you with a brand new look and attitude that last for a long time; no matter what line of work you’re involved in.

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