Foreign Business Service Window Opens at Wuhan Citizens Home


On August 25, the Single Window for Foreign Business Handling was opened at Wuhan Citizens Home, which was recognized as a milestone for building the Wuhan International Talent Free Port.

It was introduced that the single window for foreign business handling unifies five services, namely, introducing talents, public security, foreign experts, business as well as entry-exit inspection and quarantine. It is expected that the service windows for education qualification verification and non-criminal evidence will be opened in the future.

Meanwhile, the other two single windows were established in the Hubei Pilot Free Trade Zone Wuhan Area and Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Hannan District), respectively.

In recent years, Wuhan has attached great importance to the construction of International Talent Free Port, launching a series of policies to facilitate foreigners in the city, including implementing 72-hour visa exemption for travelers and setting up service window for the residence.

1. Give green light to application of permanent residence for the overseas high-level talents

High-level foreign talents, including those who elected from the “Thousand Talents” Program and talent programs in line with international standards, entrepreneurial talents and excellent young talents, can directly apply for the permanent residence with recommendation of the leading group of Hubei Talent Work, the Hubei FTA office or the coordination group of Wuhan Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Pilot Area.


2. Establish a market-recognized talent mechanism

Foreigners working in the Hubei FTA or the comprehensive innovation and reform pilot area, whose wage income (pre-tax) is 6 times more than the previous annual average local income for 4 successive years or the personal income tax reaches the required level, can directly apply for permanent residence. The 2017 standards show that those whose annual salary income and personal income tax reach 300,000 yuan and 50,000 yuan, respectively, can directly apply for permanent residence without any requirement for the category of his/her companies and position level.


3. Extend the validity of visa and residence for Chinese of foreign nationality

Chinese of foreign nationality may apply for long-term residence permits or multiple-entry visas to work, study, negotiate or reunite in Hubei, which is the first facilitation exit-entry policy for the Chinese of foreign nationality.


4. Extend limit for the Chinese of foreign nationality in terms of unit category, job level and working / residence time

Chinese of foreign nationality who meet the requirements in educational background and residence time can directly apply for permanent residence in China. The old requirements for the unit category and the job level (a professional title of sub-senior or higher for 4 years) are abolished and the working and residence time is “at least six months Chinese territory each year for four consecutive years “, being replaced by ” at least three years of stay for 4 consecutive years in China. “


5. Encourage foreign students to start business

Who are foreign students with the required academic qualification would like to start a business in the Hubei FTA or in the pilot reform zone could apply for a personal affair-type residence permits (with the annotation “start up “) with stay of less than two years.


6. Allow foreign students obtaining employment directly after graduation

Who are foreign students employed by the companies in Hubei FTA and the pilot reform zone could apply for residence permits for work after graduation, getting rid of the requirements for Visa Z and working experience.


7. Support young foreigners to do internship in Hubei

Foreign students who are invited to do internship in Hubei by organizations registered with the Exit-entry Administration Department of Hubei Public Security Bureau may apply for the short-term S2 visas (with the annotation “internship”) before they come to Hubei or apply for the changing to S2 visas (with the annotation “internship”) in Hubei.


8. Extend the scope of application for a permanent residence permit

Foreigners in the Hubei FTA or in the the pilot reform zone, who have successfully applied for residence permit for work for two consecutive times and have no violation of laws and regulations, may apply for long-term residence permits.


9. Allow industry-university-research institute compound talents to take on multiple positions

The industry-university-research institute compound foreign talents in urgent need, could take on different posts after submitting the relevant certification materials and adding the annotation “part-time job” on the residence permit for work.


10. Expand the scope of port visa for foreign talents

Foreign talents employed by the Hubei FTA or Wuhan Innovation and Pilot Reform Zone who apply for Visa Z or R in the Wuhan Port Visa Division at Tianhe Airport in the charge of Exit-entry Administration Department of Hubei Public Security Bureau, can enter the Chinese territory via all ports with a port visa issuing authority.