“Goût de France/Good France” Press Release at Hilton Wuhan Riverside

The General Consul and the Hilton Mediterranean Restaurant French chef

March is known as the “French Month” where the French Language and culture with all its facets is promoted all around the world.

The French Consulate in Wuhan, on the trail to sell the “French Destination” to the Chinese citizens especially the ones in Central China is going to hold “Goût de France/ Good France 2017” this 25th of March in partnership with the Mediterranean Restaurant of the Hilton Wuhan Riverside.

On Thursday 2nd March, there was a Press Release held by the Consulate to tell more details about the upcoming event.

What is the Good France?

The Consul explaining to the media the Good France event

“Goût de France/ Good France” is a unique and one of a kind opportunity to visit and savor France in its authenticity. “Goût” is mainly related to taste and talking about taste the French Gastronomy is known as the best and finest in the world ranked in the UNESCO list of “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity” since 2010. France is known as a place where happiness, joie de vivre, delicacy and pleasure face a cultural aspect, “Goût de France/ Good France” aim each year to celebrate the French gastronomy in various locations worldwide during a whole month. A total of 2,000 chefs from the five continents are expected to take part and enrich the event.

Fine and delicate dinners very representative of the French gastronomy will be served simultaneously in the different participating restaurants. All those dinners will honor the merits of French Cuisine, its capacity and its values: sharing, enjoying, and respecting the principles of high-quality, environmentally responsible cuisine. Therefore, the theme of this year is “Eat well and respect the environment” to share the French values about eating well and healthy but with pleasure.

The idea of “Goût de France/Good France” came from the idea of Auguste Escoffier a famous French Chef who started the Epicurean Dinners in 1912, where one day, one menu was served in different cities around the world to as many guests as possible.

Following that idea, Goût de France/Good France’s objectives are to:

Promote French Tourism through the culinary aspect with one of a kind dinner which aim to send strong message to the world predominately China where there is a rising interest for the French Gastronomy.

Carry the colors of French cuisine with pride by making people aware of how Contemporary and Excellent the French Cuisine is.

The “Goût de France/Good France” dinner

The French chef Philippe Uzan

The Hilton Wuhan Riverside was chosen to hold this dinner thanks to the presence of a French Chef with a worldwide experience at the Mediterranean Restaurant of the Hilton Wuhan Riverside. The dinner of this 25th of March will be unique with a very special menu proposed by Chef Phillippe Uzan and his team.

The menu will be rich by:

2 entree: One Shrimp Salad served with a sweet garlic sauce

Special Foie gras mixed with Chinese ingredients recipe created by the Chef

Following the Chinese tradition, a soup “Veloutée” very popular in France will be added at the third place

The main dish: “Filet de bar cuit à la vapeur” served with a special sauce with very popular Chinese ingredients mainly Soy and Oyster sauces.

To respect the French Gastronomy which is mainly composed Food, Wine but also Cheese one plate of “Authentic French Cheese” will be added.

Dessert: A sweet “Fondant accord de chocolat, glace vanille et de créme anglaise”

The menu is typically French and will be accompanied by a flow of good red wine from Aquitaine/ vins de Bordeaux which is sponsoring the HILTON for the “Goût de France/Good France” wine degustation.

Still on the culinary aspect, the French Consulate and the Hilton Wuhan Riverside are working together in different events among them the “ESCOFFIER’s Gala Dinner” which will be organized in April and catered by Chef Philippe Uzan.

The French Month

March is known as the month of the Francophonie; therefore, a lot of events will be held by the different French Consulates all around China and in Wuhan It will be from March 11th to 25th. The period will be vibrant with different activities and events held all around the city. Among them the official launch event on March 11th at the 403 Art Center, different fashion shows related to Francophonie, the Music Festival “Mars en Folie” with artists from different countries like Belgium, Swiss, Canada, France, Maroc and to finish by the Final of the “French Song Contest” at the Yellow Crane Tower with all the finalists from the different French Consular regions in China.

Besides that, a lot of activities will be organized along the year by the French Consulate for the promotion of the French Tourism among them, the Sauternes Horse race on May 21st followed by a degustation of Sauternes wines.

To stay updated for all the events happening during this month, keep following Wuhan Social official account and website for all the details about the upcoming events and entertainments related to the “Francophonie Month”.

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