Highest Temperature To Reach 40℃ In Hubei

A report by the Hubei Meteorological Department

dog in Yangtze River
A dog cooling off in a river

July 9 brought heavy rain to Wuhan with the highest temperature only 26.1℃. However, temperatures rose quickly over the next three days. July 12 was the first day of the Chinese Sanfu Days, and the highest temperature hit 34℃.

According to the Hubei Meteorological Department, most of the province will experience extremely hot weather over the next 10 days. Especially starting from July 17, the highest temperatures will exceed 36℃ in most places and even 40℃ in some.

Sunny weather in Wuhan picture
Sunny weather in Wuhan

Sanfu Days (三伏天)” refers to the hottest days in summer in China. “San (三)” suggests that there will be three ten-day periods when heat waves will continue. Sometimes the second period will last longer, for 20 days, as will be the case this year. The Chinese Sanfu Days will last until August 21.

clouds in Wuhan
Clouds provide a magnificent view in Wuhan

Water levels down, temperatures up

The Changjiang Water Resources Commission of the Ministry of Water Resources revealed on July 6 that the No. 1 Yangtze River flood peak came through the Wuhan area safely.

The rainy month is gone and now summer is in full swing. Beautiful skies can be seen in all places and almost at all times.

Wuhan sunset
Wuhan sunset