How Large is Wuhan?

Wuhan has always been named as “the city of hundred lakes” while Hubei Province“ the province of thousand lakes”. The number of rivers at more than 5 kilometers is 165 and the number of lakes exceeds 100.

So, how big is Wuhan?

Wuhan in China

Wuhan in the World

Wuhan has 13 Districts:

  • 武昌区  Wuchang District
  • 洪山区  Hongshan Distirict
  • 江汉区  Jianghan District
  • 江岸区  Jiang’an District
  • 江夏区  Jiangxia District
  • 硚口区  Qiaokou District
  • 汉阳区  Hanyang District
  • 汉南区  Han’nan District
  • 蔡甸区  Caidian District
  • 新洲区  Xinzhou District
  • 黄陂区  Huangpi District
  • 青山区  Qingshan District
  • 东西湖区  Dongxihu District

3 National Development Zones

  • Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone 武汉经济技术开发区
  • Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone 武汉临空港经济技术开发区
  • Wuhan East Lake Economic and Technological Development Zone 武汉东湖新技术产业开发区

74 Parks

98 Universities & Colleges

  • Huazhong University of Science & Technology 华中科技大学
  • Wuhan University 武汉大学
  • Central China Normal University 华中师范大学
  • Wuhan University of Technology 武汉理工大学
  • China University of Geosciences 中国地质大学
  • Huazhong University of Agriculture 华中农业大学

129 Gyms

  • Hongshan Gymnasium 洪山体育馆
  • Zhuankou Gymnasium 沌口体育馆
  • Guanggu Gymnasium 光谷体育馆

Central China Transportationion Hub

1300+ Bridges

  • Qing Chuan Bridge 晴川桥
  • Ying Wu Zhou Bridge 鹦鹉洲大桥
  • Wuhan Yangtze Bridge 武汉长江大桥


  • 339 tourist attractions
  • 103 sites for revolutionary memorial
  • 13 Cultural heritages
  • 3 5A tourism scenic spots
  • 15 4A  tourism scenic spots

Wetland Parks

On wetland resources, Wuhan ranks top 3 among all inland cities worldwide.

  • East Lake Wetland Park 东湖湿地公园
  • Jin Yin Hu Wetland Park 金银湖湿地公园
  • Chen Hu Wetland 沉湖湿地

Hundreds of Mountains

  • Luo Jia Shan 珞珈山
  • Gui Zi Shan 桂子山
  • Mo Shan 磨山
  • Zhang Gong Shan 张公山
  • Gui Shan 龟山
  • Mu Lan Shan 木兰山
  • Jiu Feng Shan 九峰山