How Many Foreigners Are In Wuhan?


At present, the permanent foreign residents in Hubei reached 19,000, among which, Wuhan accounted for 17,000, rising by more than 7,000 since 2012. Foreigners in Wuhan for tourism and short stays exceeds an average of 180,000 persons.

“Wuhan is very large !” – it seems to be the impression of all the foreign first-timers to this city.

“Wuhan, different every day !” – it seems to be the greatest characteristic of this city to all the foreign residents.

The permanent foreigners mainly hail from France, Pakistan and India. They make all the way to Wuhan for study or working, some of them have gone native and even came back after returning to their home country.

The development of technology, contribution of the city and international exchange and cooperation attract more and more foreigners to Wuhan. They live with us in the same city and enjoy the same pace of development.

With the establishment of various English signage, service policies and foreign offices, Wuhan is opening its arms and mind to people from all corners of the world.

Photo by Liu Jianwei