6 Places to Find and Care for Pets in Wuhan

Raising Pets in Wuhan: For everyone who has or wants a pet!


A pet-less house is just a cold shell we occupy, while one with a pet is a warm home.

It doesn’t matter if you love dogs, cats, birds, fish, hamsters, snakes, or a chinchilla—pets make a home feel snug and inviting. For someone living overseas in an unknown environment, it can make the experience a little less intimidating and lonely. Think about it this way—which is better, coming home to an empty apartment or returning to an enthusiastic dog, its tail wagging frantically?

Boy & Girl’s Pet Cafe (傲雄武汉店)

They have a swimming pool for pets!

mk9xb93krnk4fgkz9y_hpuxu17tnazrp1p6mthnlekra2133jmxyojvxruytlphxtygvdmoszwtlal1wbwrw3aBoy and Girl Pet Cafe is a newly opened chain store from Shanghai, It is a Pet Shop with cocktails, coffee, a swimming pool for pets. You can sit back and chat with other pet lovers and sip on your coffee right in the heart of Wuhan Tiandi. The riverside is just a bone throw away, and there are plenty of imported and high quality pet items to treat your dearly beloved.

Now before you all go sprinting out the door with money at the ready, keep in mind that raising a pet is a huge responsibility.

First, you’ve got to spend a lot of time with them, and then there’s the issue of money. Feeding a dog, especially big ones, requires a hefty sum of cash. With dogs having an average life span of 10 to 15 years, with a few stubborn ones living even longer than that, are you ready to make that sort of commitment? What happens when you decide to pack your bags and return to your native country—are you just going to abandon that poor animal in the streets or trust one of your friends will adopt it? Do you have the money to help the animal should it need medical treatment or will give up on it when it needs you most?

The simple fact is this: raising a pet is serious business and if you aren’t serious about it then don’t do it. However, if you have a lot of love to give, as well as the time and energy required to raise a pet, go for it. Here is a guide on where to purchase pets, which animal clinics you can take them to, when they need vaccinations and medical care, and where to pick up food.

Where You Can Buy Pets in Wuhan.

First of all it should be noted that Wuhan has a ton of locations waiting and willing to sell pets. In just about every major street, minor alley and various bus stations, pet peddlers can be found. In fact, in front of Chicony in the spring and summer, you can find a guy selling pure breed dogs with proper certification.

However, if you want a healthy pet to take home, avoid most street and bus vendors.

Yes the animals are cute and deserve a proper home like any other pet, but in most cases these animals are generally weaned too early and often raised in substandard conditions, which often lead to health complications. A friend of mine bought a street dog and within two weeks it showed signs of a respiratory infection and died soon afterwards. When purchasing pets the best advice I could give is avoid street peddlers at all costs, no matter how sweet the deal or cute the pup.

In Wuhan there are way too many small shops to even try to mention all of them here. Instead, I have decided to mention the largest one in the city and, as it turns out, in central China – Flower and Bird Market. It has garnished a ton of positive feedback from both locals and foreigners living in Wuhan.

The Flower and Bird Market 花鸟市场

tygvdmoszwtlal1wbwrw3aThe Flower and Bird Market is located in Jiangan District and offers all sorts of goodies for pet seekers. If you are trying to purchase an aquarium (fresh or salt water) you’ll find everything you need to fit your fancy. They have a plethora of dogs, cats, birds and other pets to select from. It is the largest professional pet market in central China at 1.6 km in length and including nearly 1,600 shops. In addition to pet stores they also have canteens, restaurants, and a large parking lot—which is always good considering parking in Wuhan is dreadful. They also put on huge dog shows, bonsai tree exhibitions, and flower shows. It also hosts the largest selection of birds in China, which brings traders and buyers from all over the world. Besides pets, they also sell animal food, cages and various accessories. Prices are reasonable and, like everything else in China, negotiable. The place is often crowded and crazy on the weekends, so go during the week—best times are around the afternoon.

Second Bridge Pet Market 二桥花鸟宠物市场

Large selection of dogs and puppies.

dnx52-4wojnyo_wdwulraouox_igrys-yattqevyps-os9ktf3d-j_wdvfcjfgnltygvdmoszwtlal1wbwrw3aThis is one of the largest pet markets in Wuhan with many dogs, cats, and other house pets. Many choices and breeds at various prices. Just pass under the second bridge and you will find the market on the right side (riverside).

Transportation: Take bus line 60, 516, 526, 527, 550, 550 and get off at Huangpudajie on Yanjiang Avenue (沿江大道黄埔大街站).

Dijiao Flower, Bird, & Pet World 堤角花鸟宠物大世界

Maybe some reptiles too!


In this big market you can purchase pets, birds, potted plants, flowers, antiques, artworks, calligraphy pieces, and paintings.

Location: Xingfucun, Dijiao, Hankou (汉口堤角幸福村)

Transportation: Take Metro Line 1, and get off at Dijiao Station, or take bus line 211, 212, 253, 509, 634 and get off at Youhu on Dibian Road (堤边路游湖站).

Adoption is the Best Choice!

After publishing this article, we have received much feedback and have found a great, possibly the best option for finding a pet in Wuhan.


Wuhan Small Animal Protection Association

You may contact them to get the full list of the waiting pets looking for a good home.  You can also subscribe to the WeChat account to receive weekly updates about the new animals who are added to the waiting list for adoption. You may also contact them to report harm done to pets.
Phone: 027-86931210
WeChat Subscription Account: whsapa


Animal Hospitals Worth a Darn!

Another major concern raising a pet in China is dealing with injections, sickness and injuries. Wuhan does offer large pet hospitals and smaller clinic type ones for you to select from. In my experience, the clinics are okay for minor issues like declawing, washing and grooming, and getting vaccinations. Doctors in clinics don’t have the experience, education or equipment to do a thorough job with more serious illnesses or inflections. In addition, they also tend to have lacklustre environments which can be off putting, like dirty floors, crowded and filthy kennels and unprofessional staff. Of course, not all clinics are awful places and some stand out from the crowd in terms of hygiene and facilities. Here are a few with a good reputation:

Hope Animal Hospital 希望动物医院

Established and well known!

rlfgeeccuy62bnouexs0zydsfa3tyene-pn_a6m0ae2q7bz7yz2p3qmr836zrbujtygvdmoszwtlal1wbwrw3aIn terms of professional pet hospitals, this one is coming highly recommended from Wuhan expats with pets. Keep in mind the major difference between a hospital and a clinic: better trained staff, advanced medical facilities and technology, and of course superior funding.

This animal hospital has been approved by the Provincial Animal Husbandry and Agricultural Bureau. The staffs have degrees from key universities and are registered veterinarians, in addition to having technological support from China Agricultural University Animal Hospital. It too offers a wide assortment of treatments and services for pets.

United Animal Hospital 联合动物医院

New professional care

hfubrulol398eynlglrakbvnaskdibxsfy-zkgfl34y02gp6n_pp8iinc4yjv8ahtygvdmoszwtlal1wbwrw3aThey have professional medical equipment, a wide assortment of medicine, and highly trained medical staff specialising in dog healthcare. It also features diagnostic and treatment rooms, laboratories, operating and injection rooms, pharmacy, beauty centre, and of course a sterilization room. It’s an excellent place to head if you have any pet problems.

Buying Pet Food

The best place to purchase food is online. I buy all my dog food from Taobao, because it offers more choice and better quality grub. And it’s considerably cheaper than buying things locally at stores. However, if you don’t want to mess with shopping online then you’ve got a ton of alternative options. You can visit any small pet store you come across—and there are a lot of them in Wuhan – or you can go to Carrefour or Wal-mart, both of which offer a small assortment of pet brands.

If you are considering purchasing a pet in Wuhan, you seriously have a lot of choices, no matter which part of the city you live in. Tracking down a lovable pet to take home isn’t at all difficult.

Just remember to choose wisely, be well prepared for the responsibility, and then give that pet all the love you can.


  1. Just a comment on where to buy a pet, do not use the Bird and Flower market or the Second Bridge market. Bother I and my personal friend bought a puppy from both of these markets. The Bird and Flower market puppy had parvo and the Second Bridge puppy had distemper. The best thing to do is bring a Chinese friend and make them issue a “24 hour guarantee” and take the puppy straight to the vet for a health check. I suggest you video the guarantee if the puppy is expensive.