International Women’s Day

A celebration of Women in Wuhan & around the world!

WoW members accepting an award from Wuhan Social (2017)

International Women’s Day is an annual commemoration of all social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women all over the world. Although Women’s Day is only recognised once a year, the day is a reminder of the daily need for action towards gender equality.

14 years ago, Elsa Gade, Isis Hahn & Helen Booth formed a support group of expats from all over the world meant to make expat life easier by allowing members to connect, exchange ideas and experiences. The name “Women of Wuhan” (WOW) came as a suggestion from Ginny Minninger and like the organisation we know today, has stood the test of time.
Credit must also be given to all that have and continue to contribute to activity organisation, translation work and management of the WOW website.

Men are welcome too! WOW holds monthly “afterworks” (Friday night) and brunches (Sunday morning) which warmly welcome men to join.

Sign Up Gentlemen, you’re also welcome to join WOW!

WOW is also actively involved in fundraising work such as bazaars and craft fairs, with all contributions donated to the HIV Education Fund (also known as the Brussels’ AIDS Charity).

WOW Spring Walk, 2017
“charity begins at home”
WOW 10th Anniversary Dinner & Gala Dance

The HIV Education Education Fund was founded by David Wilmots, a former AIDS-prevention worker and Professor Gui Xi’en. The HIV Education Fund helps orphans that lost their parents to HIV & AIDS by providing opportunities for them to continue schooling after senior middle school level through tuition assistance.

This year, International Women’s Day will be celebrated on March 8th. WOW & the Wuhan Foreign Affairs Office will hold a Tree Planting Activity in Changqing Park.
Contact (+86) 15007110749 to Sign Up

International Women’s Day
WOW invites you to a tree planting activity on the morning of Women’s Day 2018. Contact 1500 7011 0749 to Sign Up

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