Join the 1st Annual Summer Sevens Rugby Tournament!

A Touch Rugby invitation from Wuhan's biggest Rugby community

Summer Sevens Rugby Action, coming soon!

Wuhan Baiji Rugby welcomes YOU to join our first annual Summer Sevens Touch Tournament

2018 Summer Sevens Showdown!

Here’s how you can join!

  • Form a team and register by the pre-registration deadline: Friday, 27th April
  • Entry fee for one team is 100 RMB. Any registrations after the deadline are 150 RMB


Team Requirements

  1. Teams of 7-10 members.
  2. Each team needs a captain.
  3. Each team should have three ladies and one Chinese player. At least two ladies must be on the field at all times. Teams that fail to have two ladies playing will be disqualified.
  4. Each team needs a Summer related theme with a team name, and color coordinated costumes.

Interested in playing but don’t have a team? No worries! Register by Saturday, 28th April as a single rider for 20 RMB and we will place you in a team.

Team Baiji Rugby Wuhan

Tournament Rules

  • Two handed touch tackles.
  • When touched, place the ball immediately through the legs.
  • Five touches before turnover to the defending team.
  • Kick on the last touch is allowed.
  • If the ball goes forward, turnover.
  • If a tackle is deemed too rough, turnover.
  • At least two ladies must be playing on each side at all times.


Best Summer Theme

Awarded to the team with the best costume: color-coordination + costumes + team name

Most Chinese

Awarded to the team with the highest number of Chinese players

Summer Sevens Champions

Awarded to the team that wins the most tournament matches

Honorable Mention

Awarded to teams that come in 2nd and 3rd place in the tournament


The Wuhan Baiji Rugby Football Club is sponsored by:

2018 Summer Sevens Sponsors

Team Registration 

Scan the QR Code below or Add WeChat ID: Breenamj for registration forms

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