Live Music: Hybrid – The New Funky Band Of Wuhan!


On a Friday night, as I was getting ill because of Wuhan winter coming way too early according to my taste, I yet got enrolled into a new adventure at Wu Bar in order to discover a new band – Hybrid. 

Five people. Four instruments, one voice and multiple horizons.  

The night is about to start well. The place is intimate with high tables, bar chairs and a stage close to the public. The ambiance is nice and very welcoming for a gig. 

One last check and the lighting is finally set up. The band is ready, I have my beer. Show time ! 

Opening with the classic « Feeling Good » by Nina Simone, Hybrid gives us a bit of jazz mixed up with some good funk. One thing is certain: this is full of pep and well interpreted. The members listen to each other and pay attention to what is happening. Like the 5 fingers of the hand, they complete one another. 


After a rocking cover of « One Way or Another » by Blondie, Hybrid keeps surprising me with its various selected repertoire. The singer’s voice catches every ear while performing the well-known « I’m No Good » by Amy Winehouse.

 The atmosphere keeps going up one cover after the other, with a very positive energy. Each piece is chosen following a wild path – Hybrid takes me where I wouldn’t expect to be taken. They are different and it works.


Nothing is taken for granted, the musicians are real performers and each of

them is allowed a « solo » at some point of the show. They give a beautiful tribute to every artist they cover by adding their little spark with a lot of respect.  

The crowd is there, dancing to the rhythms of « Moves Like Jagger ». 

No matter where Hybrid decides to go, everybody follows without hesitation.

Hybrid fans in Coastline Livehouse

They are a good surprise. The repertoire is so varied and yet awesomely interpreted that it leaves the cliché at the door. They avoid it brilliantly by standing for who they are: 5 people with their differences who come together and unite their passion to give the crowd a great show. They are talented and yet, they remain humble. This is what I probably love the most about them !

The band draws from a lot of influences thanks to the varied cultural and musical backgrounds. Each member has different musical inspirations and it is greatly reflected in their sound as a whole. 

So, my dear reader, what are you waiting for ? Do you like music ? Do you like live performance ? Of course you do. Then don’t miss your chance! 

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Hybrid, as mysterious as the name can be, will not disappoint you !

But Who Are They ?

Eva Yang
Eva Yang

Eva Yang – Lead Vocals 

Graduated from Wuhan Music Conservatory University, Eva is a native Chinese young singing teacher. If you haven’t been able to listen to her voice yet, don’t wait any longer !

Munyaradzi Arnold Sigauke aka Arnold Siggy
Munyaradzi Arnold Sigauke aka Arnold Siggy

Munyaradzi Arnold Sigauke aka Arnold Siggy – Bassist 

Coming from Zimbabwe, Arnold Siggy is a student at Li Gong University. Former member of Afro Fusion Band, he loves music but he loves bass guitar even more !


Faly – Drummer

Former member of The Hendrix, Faly comes from Madagascar and is currently studying medicine at Tong Ji. His drumming skills will definitely make you dance !

Paul James

Paul James – Lead / Rhythm Guitarist 

Paul James is a British Graphic Design Teacher at Wuhan University of Technology. Also a former member of The Hendrix and as a real passionate, he excels in guitar and brings the band together.

Leda Fiathia Yvon, aka Ryan

Leda Fiathia Yvon, aka Ryan – Keyboardist 

Currently studying at China University of Geosciences, Ryan is a former member of The Hendrix and comes from Madagascar. With his keyboard, Ryan brings his own spice and makes the sound go even funkier !

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Violette R.
Violette is a young French expat ready to go on adventures to introduce you to new places and events in Wuhan. Enthusiastic and joyful, she is passionate when it comes to performing art and has a penchant for old movies and rock’n roll. Her saying: Make them laugh.