Aether coffee’s  main business is the Specialty Coffee.The coffee beans are all at the standard of  SCA,and the barista of the Aether Coffee  has obtained the official SCA(Specialty Coffee Association) Certification.You can get the most delicious and fresh coffee there,Yirgacheffe,Mandheling or Columbia coffee will be your best choice.

Aether coffee was a bank at the Second World War,after World War II,the Banker’s dauther turned the bank to be a Cafe.

Now,aether coffee treats coffee as the craft it truly is. Its starts with their  hand picked coffee beans to bring a delicious and unique flavor to every cup you brew. By focusing on innovative, yet consistent roasting and brewing techniques, we guarantee a wonderful flavor each time. And of course by offering baked goods made from scratch, with quality ingredients, they hope to compliment their beverages with a tasty treat.

What sets them apart from your average cup of joe and makes you true coffee hounds, is their passion and knowledge for coffee. Their baristas are the curators of a memorable coffee experience. By dialing in to the unique needs of each of their customers, they aim to make something that will you love and they are proud to serve.

Even though coffee is ever changing, the experience stays the same. Whether you join them as a part of your daily routine or stop by for a small treat, the Aether Coffee hopes to give you a “love at first taste” experience; like the one that got they started.