Selection of premium products The Bounty Bistro offers a selection of premium products currently not existing in the city (cheese, Spanish and Italian sausages, foie-gras, fondue, raclette, French oysters, mussels, French cakes and caviar). These products are delivered directly from quality suppliers that we are already using in Shanghai. French Executive Chef The objective of Bounty is to propose very qualitative food at competitive prices.

Our concept is to integrate western food with Chinese consumption patterns without changing the original taste. Combine authenticity and respect of local customs is fundamental for Bounty. Bring a seafood sanctuary to Wuhan With a lively ambiance, an great wine list and “Fruits de Mer” raw bar that features oysters, clams and even Sturgeon caviar if you’re in the mood; classic mussels steamed in white wine is served as a main dish; and a variety of authentic dish such as Australian M2+ Angus Beef striploin (300gr), The strip steak is a cut of beef steak from the short loin. It consists of a muscle that does little work, making the meat particularly tender. Beef is 100% grass-fed, free range, natural beef with no antibiotics or added hormones. Served with fries, chimichurri sauce, green pepper sauce, rocket salad and a little of salt flake. French Duck Confit with homemade pomme dauphine, Duck confit is another of those things that is often almost impossible to get outside of France. The Duck is rubbed with salt, garlic, and sometimes herbs such as thyme. Slowly poached at least until cooked, usually 10 hours.

The Cocktail List The raison d’etre of any cocktail bar is its bill of goods. A proper mixology menu will be playful, but firm; subtle, yet bold; innovative, and also homage…ive. Nowadays it’s no longer good enough to have a comfortable place to drink with beautiful glassware and an attention to detail. Bars are forever pushing their boundaries in their quest to be better and exceed the expectations of their guests. The Rum Bounty Rhumerie offers a whole new approach to rum by featuring a vast array of historic concoctions, traditional Caribbean drinks, classic libations of Prohibition-era Havana, and homemade creations. Provence & authenticity are on the rise – we want to drink cocktails made from spirits which have been hand-bottled in a Hackney micro-distillery and based on a long-lost Victorian recipe. We have passion for making the highest quality drinks using the best ingredients. Every afternoon, we squeeze oranges, lemon and limes by hands because the drinks taste fresher and better that way. When asked “Why rum?,” because “There just isn’t a more fascinating spirit in the world…. Revolution, triumph, piracy, war, sailors, celebration, and unspeakable human tragedy are in every glass. No other spirit has the history or the versatility.” To celebrate such a diverse spirit, Bounty Rhumerie showcases over 60 rums from around the world, including our selection of rare and vintage rums.