Huazhong Agricultural University (Chinese: 华中农业大学- HZAU/HAU) is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive university in Wuhan, giving priority to agriculture. HZAU was one of the first universities in China authorised to confer PhD and Masters of Arts (M.A) degrees. The school motto is “Study diligently and work hard” in order to cultivate positive academic attitudes in students and promote a sound academic atmosphere.

According to China alumni network (2014), HAU was ranked 44th among Chinese universities.

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HZAU was founded at a time when the country was torn apart by war and was in dire straits. Its existence today is a testament to its endurance and diligence in the face of trying times-both being admirable and exemplary traits.


Huazhong Agricultural University currently offers 17 undergraduate programs to international students, 31 at Master’s level and 26 Doctoral programs. International students who are willing to take (non-degree) courses or do research at Huazhong Agricultural University as visiting students may apply through the HZUA International Student Office.