31st December is a Sunday this year. Would you finally like to spend New Year’s time with fellow foreigners having a peaceful dinner and remembering the year that was? Well this is your chance!
Hello 2018 is a dinner event which acknowledges that the only time we get to engage with fellow foreigners on a night out is at bars and clubs. We offer a quiet setting with light music and games, allowing customers to interact with one another and meet new people in a small setting. With only 50 seats available, with the first comers getting discounted, be sure that interacting with that beautiful girl or handsome guy from across the room won’t be the hardest thing to do. With the microphone available for anyone to make a vocal fool of themselves, a few games for the whole restaurant to engage in, and Chinese hot-pot buffet to calm the cold weathers all night long, before putting the food aside for the post-dinner surprise, it’s all about laughter and silence.
We’d like us all to enter the new year with new feelings, the most special emotion being love and peace.
First buyers purchase tickets for only ¥100. Main price is ¥140 for a buffet and drinks worth way more than that!