Located in the beautiful Lihuangpi Road (黎黄陂路), in Hankou, La Sicilia offers a good European substitute for both longing westerners and food-adventurers willing to try new things. Even from the outside you can already see what makes this restaurant stand out from all the others, a beautiful black brick oven that makes the kind of pizza that will transport you immediately to Italy. The two-floored restaurant’s cosy and simple design makes it the kind of place where you can almost feel at home. The limited size of the restaurant though doesn’t allow for much privacy, so maybe it wouldn’t be perfect for a romantic date (unless your special one is an Italian food lover, then it’s totally worth it). La Sicilia will provide you with a long list of different pizzas to choose from (from the simple Margherita to the fancy Prosciutto di Parma, passing through all kinds of sauces, meats and fish, and even Tropical Fruit and Durian), all around 80-100¥; but if you are not feeling like eating pizza or your budged doesn’t allow it, there also six different kinds of pastas, and a choice of salad or snacks, everything much more affordable.