The Little Chihuahua is Wuhan’s first Mexico style catering brand, introducing the “Fast Casual” concept. Brand was founded in October 2016 in Wuhan, in a short period of time gathered a large number of fans, and received domestic and foreign customers alike. In the same year, it has been listed as “Wuhan Best Western Restaurant”. In 2017, the sub brand (Chihuahua Deli) began to settle in Wuhan’s major high-end supermarkets, in order to provide consumers with delicious, healthy fresh food products, while promoting (Keep It Real) business philosophy. 
As a new local brand,  Little Chihuahua has shaken up the traditional catering concept, always in pursuit of visual perfection. The diverse industry backgrounds of the founding team has allowed Little Chihuahua to grow its innovative management mode to gather a group of young people who creative ingredient formula,activity content and business model to gather a number of youngsters who love modern life,value personal culture,agree with healthy eating concept.