Huge garden and not crowded. Way better than Zhong Shan Park. The ethereal garden smells sweetly of plum blossoms and it’s a great place for picnics. Air was fresh and not polluted as was the city area in Wuhan. Refreshing and great place for couples, or families. Awesome photo-taking opportunities too. The entrance fee is 48 RMB and be aware that there are other fees if you choose to take advantage of the chairlift, traditional music show, and slide which is really fun and the best part of the visit.

“It took at least 20 minutes by taxi from just outside Donghu to this Moshan site. You can immediately breathe the difference when you arrive. We have 4 people so just rented a golf car (with driver and guide) to go around the place. It costs RMB150 which is reasonably cheap for 1 hour journey. You can listen to the guide (we can understand Mandarin, not sure they can speak English) and take your time to take photos along the way.”