“It’s was a very impressive and great show. The price might be quite high for the good seats. But getting the cheapest seats is worth it. It is definitely a show that must watch when you visit WuHan. The overall experience is excellent. Just be prepare to get slightly wet if you are the front 5 rows seats.”

“In my personal opinion Cirque du Soleil is just too weak when compare to this show. I went to show as part as the inclusive package offered by Sinorama Tours. I was not disappointed. From the beginning of the show you are just mesmerize with the choreography and the colors displayed on the main stage. The front seats starts to retract backwards opening a big gigantic pool with millions gallons of water. Guests who attending the show do not realize that they are sitting on top of gigantic swimming because it disguised with animated colors and graphics in which the artists, actors acrobats come out of everywhere defying gravity and really putting on a first class show. Most of the show there is done with water and the use of technology and graphics in which your are on sensory overload for the entire show. I am planning to go back to China within two years and when I do, one of my must do visit will be The Han Show at Wuchang”