Vape lounge is owned by two brothers, one of them is a vaping expert, the other is a tattoo artist with over 20 years experience!

This place is not only well stocked and well decorated but stands out from the other listings because of the fact that you can show up, buy some oils and then vape and get a tattoo at the same time!

The selection of oils are hand picked for quality instead of branding, so the flavours are all nice and pure, even if you may not of heard of the company (in my opinion not a bad thing)

Imports (oils and hardware) are all from America, there is a mini fridge packed with drink (which are more than fairly priced) and finally there are water pipes out back for those of you who want a good old fashioned (non-digital) smoke.

Mostly open late, this place is worth a look, especially if your into both tattoos and vaping.